NAPHA Members Survey

The oldest of its type

About the Survey

The survey, the oldest of its type, is highly regarded within the amusement park industry and within enthusiasts’ circles.

While exchanging opinions about favorite amusement parks and rides is fun for enthusiasts,” noted NAPHA’s Survey Coordinator, Marlowe McClasky Futrell, “Parks also are interested in the survey findings, and many incorporate the results into their publicity materials.

NAPHA members are typically experienced riders who have visited countless amusement parks and have ridden a diverse assortment of roller coasters and other rides.

The average member has been to more than 120 different amusement parks and has ridden about 315 roller coasters.

For more information about the survey or about NAPHA, please contact Marlowe McClasky Futrell, Survey Coordinator, at (412) 831-6315 or at