Exclusive NAPHA Events and Gatherings


Throughout the summer, we visit amusement parks often when parks are celebrating significan anniversaries. Since its founding NAPHA has participated in the celebration of three 125th anniversaries, thirteen park centennials, and four 75th anniversaries. Various social gatherings are also held throughout the year.

Our Publications

Our members enjoy subscriptions to our official publications which include the NAPHA Chronicle Magazine - published quarterly, and our NAPHA NewsFLASH!!! - a monthly newsletter focusing on current events in the amusement park industry.




Amusement Park & Attraction Discounts

Yet another perk of membership is the discounts we offer to amusement park sand attractions all over the U.S. These parks are invited by NAPHA to participate in our discount program as a way of encouraging business to these parks. Our members often schedule their amusement park visits around the discounts offered as part of this program!

Members' Parks & Attractions Survey
On an annual basis, members participate in the NAPHA Members Survey which is the oldest of its type and highly regarded within the amusement park industry and within enthusiasts’ circles. Many amusement parks feature NAPHA’s survey results prominently in their marketing and advertising materials, as well as on signs in their park.

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