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Back Issues: 1990 - 1999

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[Magazine Vol.12/No.1: 1990. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − 16 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Memories of Iowa’s Burlington Amusement Center. A history of Kings Dominion. Six Flags Great America’s “Iron Wolf” stand-up coaster +fact sheet. Boblo Island Park’s carousel auction +update. Idlewild Park’s two stolen carousel horses returned. Walt Disney World Corporation’s 1990s plans. Disney’s new California attraction. Hersheypark renovation progressing. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Doris Thompson birthday congratulations. Flashback to 1980 (photos: Six Flags Over Texas’ Judge Roy Scream and Worlds of Fun’s Orient Express). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA NewsFlash − 26 news headlines and stories. Darien Lake Park’s Predator +layout and fact sheet. Photo potpourri. NAPHA’s 1990 events schedule. [Front cover: Kings Dominion’s Sky Pilot. Back cover: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Viper construction].

[Magazine Vol.12/No.2: 1990. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − 17 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: New York’s Midway Park. Northern Indiana’s amusement parks (+Columbian Park, Old Indiana, Indiana Beach, Adventureland, Fun Spot, Sauzer’s Kiddieland, Wicker Park Playland and Enchanted Forest). New York’s Steeplechase Park closure +photos of “Zip” cars, “Gondola” ride and “Steeplechase” inspection. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Viper opens +fact sheet. Florida’s Boardwalk and Baseball closes. Cedar Point’s Disaster Transport effects. Flashback to 1980 (photos: Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain and Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Haunted House). Six Flags Over Mid-America’s new Screamin’ Eagle. Bobbejaanland’s Revolution. Angela Park is auctioned. Glen Echo Park book published. Disneyland is 35-years-old. Disney World’s Pleasure Island changes. Carr’s Carousel auction planned. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 32 news stories. Six Flags Over Georgia’s Georgia Cyclone fact sheet. [Front cover: Steeplechase Park’s Chanticleer Carousel in 1936. Back cover: Kings Island’s “Flight Commander”].

[Magazine Vol.12/No.3: 1990. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Over 120 years of Denver’s past amusements. NAPHA’s 1990 Colorado convention report. Elitch Gardens’ relocation plans. Ecomusee D’Alsace / Salon Demeyer Carousel preserved. Adventureland in Iowa − their Dragon Coaster. Flashback to 1980 (photos: Great America’s Demon and Busch Gardens’ “Italy” section). Historical ACE, MACC, NAPHA, WNYCC convention. Belmont Park’s Giant Dipper turns 65 +restoration. Six Flags Great America’s Iron Wolf unleashed. NewsFlash − 50 news stories. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Photo potpourri (Petticoat Junction’s “Tornado” in 1969, Miniature Railway at Schenck Bros Palisades Park in 1936, Roger Williams’ Park carousel in the 1900s and Ponchartrain Beach’s Laff-in-the-Dark in the 1950s). [Front cover: Salon-Demeyer Merry-Go-Round. Back cover: Elitch Gardens’ Twister].

[Magazine Vol.12/No.4: 1990. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The Six Flags Over Texas story 1960-1990…; Mexico City’s Montana Rusa at Chapultepec Park. World’s tallest wooden roller coaster is coming to Cedar Point. Kennywood announces Steel Phantom. Disney visions second California park. Belmont Park’s Giant Dipper reopens. Busch Gardens “Questor” fantasy ship simulator. Geauga Lake Park’s organ for Marcus Illions Supreme Carousel. Darien Lake Park’s 1991 expansion plans. Balboa Fun Zone in California. Six Flags Over Mid-America announces Tidal Wave. Weona Park in Pennsylvania. China opens Beijing Nine Dragons Amusement Park. 1990 Amusement Park Directory +help sought. TurnAround − classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 36 news stories. Flashback to 1980 (photos: Kennywood Park’s Laser Loop and AstroWorld’s Thunder River). [Front cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ Runaway Mine Train. Back cover: Inside Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Greatest Show on Earth” dark ride].

[Magazine Vol.12/No.5: 1990. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Promoting Palisades Park 1950s style. NAPHA’s Autumnfest. Kentucky Kingdom’s history 1979-1990…; Missouri’s Silver Dollar City − back in time. Cedar Point names their new wooden roller coaster “Mean Streak”. Oklahoma’s Frontier City expansion underway. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Gold Card” and two stone Peking “Fu Dogs” added to River Caves. Folkestone’s Rotunda and their Super 8 Bahn. Flashback to 1980 (photos: Valleyfair!’s Super Tilt and “Riverview-Section” Carousel at Adventureland in Iowa). TurnAround − classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 28 news stories. Photo potpourri (Coney Island Ohio’s flume ride in the 1960s, Frontier Village’s “Spirit of Kittyhawk” in the 1960s, Beech Bend’s aerial swing in the 1960s, and Marine Pier’s Monster’s Den dark ride in the 1960s). [Front cover: Kentucky Kingdom’s Thunder Run. Back cover: Great Yarmouth’s Pinfari ZL42 Looping Star].

[Magazine Vol.12/No.6: 1990. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Electric Park at Plainfield Illinois. The last Riverview Chicago Chutes boat destroyed in a storm. IAAPA 1990 report. New York’s Roseland Park carousel rides again at Carousel Center Mall. South Carolina’s Pedro and Amigoland Park. NAPHA Autumnfest at Kentucky Kingdom. Remembering Coney Island Ohio’s Shooting Star roller coaster. The Magic Motion Machine / Disney’s “Star Tours” simulation theatre. Cafesjian Carousel in Minnesota. Disney updates their hotels, etc. TurnAround − classified advertisements. Kings Island’s Winterfest. Flashback to 1980 (photos: Texas’ Playland Park Rocket and Carowinds’ Carolina Cyclone). NewsFlash − 12 news stories (+William Cobb passes away, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Psyclone, etc.). Photo potpourri. [Front cover: Coney Island Ohio’s Shooting Star. Back cover: Waagner-Biró Bob Racing Cresta Run].

[Magazine Vol.13/No.1: 1991. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Cheltenham Beach. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s new Psyclone +fact sheet. Paul Bunyan Center in Minnesota. Kennywood Park’s Steel Phantom construction. Cedar Point’s carousels added to National Register of Historic Places. French Disneyland opening in 1992. Hersheypark’s Sidewinder. Disney buys California land and seeks more. Dentzel Friends restoring Libertyland’s carousel. Flashback to 1981 (photos: Kings Island’s Bat and Opryland’s Grizzly River Rampage). Screamfest ’91 – Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club invites NAPHA to Kings Dominion +new “Anaconda” and fact sheet. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA calendar. NewsFlash − 14 news stories. Photo potpourri. 1990 survey results. Worlds of Fun =free admission for members. [Front cover: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Psyclone. Back cover: Kennywood Park’s Steel Phantom].

[Magazine Vol.13/No.2: 1991. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − 19 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Classic 1911 Looff Carousel. Cedar Point’s Mean Streak is almost complete +fact sheet. Kings Island’s Adventure Express mine-train. Back to the Future at Universal +forthcoming attractions. Euro Disneyland update. Six Flags Inc attempts to fend off Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Hersheypark’s Sidewinder +fact sheet. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Neptune’s Kingdom. Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Morecambe’s Frontierland +Worlds of Fun =free admission for members. Flashback to 1981 (photos: Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Jet Scream, and Circus World renames their wooden roller coaster “Roaring Tiger”). Convention ’91 reminder. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 17 news stories. Photo potpourri (Ocean View Park’s Sky Rocket in the 1960s, etc.). NAPHA nostalgia show ’91 report. [Front cover: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s 1911 Looff carousel. Back cover: Libertyland’s Whirl-A-Wheel].

[Magazine Vol.13/No.3: 1991. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: New York Coney Island’s Parachute Jump threatened. Cedar Point’s ten roller coasters. Hersheypark’s carousel +fresh paint. Ohio’s Americana is true America. Lightwater Valley’s “The Ultimate” problems +fact sheet. Flashback to 1981 (Great America’s American Eagle and Paradise Lake opens in Ohio). Conneaut Lake Park 1990/1991 additions and a new book pending. Kennywood Park’s Steel Phantom brakes added. Castle Amusement Park in California wins the 1990 beautification award. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Typhoon. Six Flags may seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Disney crew visits Blackpool Pleasure Beach. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA convention ’92 in England. NewsFlash − 42 news stories. NAPHA merchandise. Photo potpourri. [Front cover: New York Coney Island’s Parachute Jump in 1949. Back cover: Giant Dipper at Butlin’s in Littlehampton, England in 1933].

[Magazine Vol.13/No.4: 1991. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Six Flags parks turn 30-years-old on August 5th. Lightwater Valley’s “The Ultimate” is the world’s longest roller coaster +rider report. NAPHA’s Kings Island convention report +another look. Cedar Point announces 1992 expansion. Worlds of Fun’s Beat Street. $700m offered for Six Flags parks. Flashback to 1981 (photos: Six Flags Great Adventure’s Roaring Rapids and Six Flags Over Georgia’s Monster Plantation). Hersheypark’s water rides. Nathan’s Famous hot dogs expanding into Europe and Asia. Casino Pier New Jersey receives historical preservation award. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 33 news stories. Photo potpourri (Georgia’s Hoard and Mullis Park in 1949, Electric Swing at Electric Park Missouri in 1908, etc.). NAPHA offers and members’ discounts. [Front cover: Lightwater Valley’s Ultimate roller coaster. Back cover: Early Switchback Railway at Blackpool England in the 1890s].

[Magazine Vol.13/No.5: 1991. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A historical look at Darien Lake Park. Canada’s best is Canada’s Wonderland. North Carolina’s Frontier Fun Park. Tallest, fastest, longest / coaster wars or marketing wars? “The Sweep” at Six Flags Magic Mountain / nightly clean-up and maintenance. Oscar’s Dreamland at Billings Montana. Phantom Theater new for 1992 at Kings Island, etc. Flashback to 1981 (photos: Edgewater Park’s Big Beast and La Ronde’s Le Super Manège Corkscrew). Indiana’s Enchanted Forest auction results. Shireland in Illinois re-opens. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 39 news headlines and stories. Photo potpourri. NAPHA members’ offers and discounts. [Front cover: Canada’s Wonderland’s Ghoster Coaster. Back cover: Switchback Railway at Barry Island in South Wales in 1904].

[Magazine Vol.13/No.6: 1991. 22x28cm − 36 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Six Flags Over Georgia is 25-years-old . Fiesta Texas’ Rattler. Disney’s Westcot Center expansion, etc. “Over-The-Jumps” − the Arkansas Carousel needs help. Allan Herschell Carousel Factory Museum in New York. World’s tallest roller coaster for Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1994. IAAPA round-up. Camden Park’s Carousel auction. The Smurfs are leaving Kings Island. International Museum of Carousel Art update. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Funhouse fire. New York’s Parachute Jump memories. Ohio’s Fantasy Farm auctioned. Flashback to 1981 (photos: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Roaring Rapids and Canada’s Wonderland opens +park map). Fun Spot at Sports Park Arizona. Libertyland’s carousel refurbishment. Dragon incident and rescue at Adventureland in Iowa. Survey results. TurnAround − classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 29 news stories. Photo potpourri. [Front cover: Riverview Park Chicago’s former Carousel operating at Six Flags Over Georgia. Back cover: W. Cartwright’s Steam Yachts at the West Bromwich Wakes in 1894].

[Magazine Vol.14/No.1: 1992. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Switchback Rail Road Foundation −Mauch Chunk− restoration hopes. Chicago’s Kiddieland expands. Canadian National Exhibition Flyer endangered. NAPHA restructuring. Dutch Wonderland’s Sky Princess. New York Coney Island Stauch’s bulldozed. Chippewa Lake Park restoration planned, etc. RIP Mr Parker Beach − Chippewa Lake Park owner passes away. Steam locomotives at Cedar Point. Cedar Fair buys Dorney Park. New York Coney Island’s Bobsled. Lee Merrick and Little A-Merrick-A in Wisconsin. Boblo Island boats. SeaWorld in Florida and their Mission – Bermuda Triangle. New amusement park-related books published. Flashback to 1982 (photos: Six Flags Over Texas’ Texas Cliffhanger and Carowinds’ Rip Roarin’ Rapids). TurnAround − classified advertisements. Wisconsin’s Fun Village to be auctioned. NewsFlash − 60 news stories. NAPHA merchandise. Photo potpourri. [Front cover: Canadian National Exhibition “Flyer” roller coaster. Back cover: The Crystal Palace’s Big Dipper is dismantled at Sutton Coldfield in England].

[Magazine Vol.14/No.2: 1992. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Sydney’s Luna Park +history. Australia’s carousels. Amusement park nostalgia show report. France’s Euro Disney opens. Conneaut Lake Park’s centennial 1892-1992. New York’s Steeplechase Park and managing liability issues. West Virginia’s Camden Park. Pueblo in Colorado − their 1911 carousel. Anatomy of an ill-fated acquisition (Cedar Fair − Dorney Park). Boblo Island is for sale. Kings Island’s 20th year. Alton Towers’ Haunted House, Runaway Mine Train and Alton Beast. $1.5 billion Veda Land in Canada. RIP C.V. Wood Jr. and Curtis D. Summers. Redondo Beach latest plans. Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Castaway Kids’ Jungle Adventure. Flashback to 1982. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 26 news stories. Photo potpourri. [Front cover: Face entrance to Luna Park in Sydney. Back cover: Disney characters ride a roller coaster / art].

[Magazine Vol.14/No.3: 1992. 22x28cm − 36 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The Idlewild Park story 1878− (a 13-page feature). NAPHA celebrates Conneaut Lake Park’s 100 years. Anheuser-Busch breaks ground on Spain’s Tibi Gardens. NAPHA discounts. Those were the days − members’ stories. Flashback to 1982 (photos: Darien Lake Park’s Viper and Busch Gardens’ Congo River Rapids). 1992 US additions -list. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 15 news stories +RIP Dewey Albert and Carl Theel, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Pepsi Max Big One preliminary layout, etc. Photo potpourri (Staten Island’s Roller Coaster in 1910, Euclid Beach Park’s Racing Coaster, Thriller and Flying Turns in the 1940s, Revere Beach’s Bluebeard’s Palace and Thunderbolt in 1931 and Detroit Electric Park’s Trip Thru The Clouds in 1922). [Front cover: Idlewild’s Rocket Ships’ maintenance. Back cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach advertisement circa 1913].

[Magazine Vol.14/No.4: 1992. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Washington’s Natatorium Park 1892-1968…; A history of Worlds of Fun (1971= construction, 1973= opening and Schussboomer, 1976= Extremeroller, 1980= Orient Express, 1989= Timber Wolf, etc.). Kentucky Kingdom 1987–. 20 years of Kings Island Ohio. Flashback to 1982 (photos: Worlds of Fun’s “Oceans of Fun” and Kings Island’s Racer =backwards riding). Those were the days (Fall River Carousel +Lincoln Park). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 19 news stories. Photo potpourri (Jack and Jill Slide at Playland New York, the Dodgems / Cyclone / Old Mill at Bertrand Island Park, Alps Coaster at Willow Grove Park and Gordon State Park in Ohio). [Front cover: Kings Island’s Beast construction. Back cover: Aerial view of South Shore and Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1992].

[Magazine Vol.14/No.5: 1992. 22x28cm − 48 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Coastin’ thru England convention ’92 (a 25-page report). Excerpts from England +members’ comments. Flashback to 1982 (photos: Walt Disney World’s EPCOT opens and Calaway Park in Canada opens the “Turn of the Century” Corkscrew). NAPHA celebrates Scenic Railway’s 60th at Great Yarmouth. The laughing gallery / British parks’ humour. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA discounts and events. NewsFlash − 34 news stories. Conneaut Lake Park rides auctioned. Photo potpourri (Blackpool: Outhwaite’s Carrousel in 1894, Velvet Coaster in 1909, Rainbow Wheel in 1910, and Scenic Railway in 1910). Kings Island’s Top Gun +full page layout. [Front cover: Members in front of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Grand National. Back cover: Members inside the structure of Lightwater Valley’s “The Ultimate”].

[Magazine Vol.14/No.6: 1992. 22x28cm − 48 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Memories of Pennsylvania’s Luna Park. European Parks (Euro Disney, Luneur Park, Walibi Schtroumpf, Mirabilandia, Tibidabo, Efteling, etc.). Joyland at Great Yarmouth – a history. More coastin’ thru England. IAAPA ’92 report. NAPHA’s MinneCon report. Six Flags Great America’s Frightfest ’92. Cedar Point’s Snake River Falls. Conneaut Lake Park’s Blue Streak to run in ’93. A letter from Whalom Park penned by Beth Bowen. Aero Park America for Phoenix/Tuscon. Paramount’s Kings Island’s Top Gun construction. Paramount’s Great America – ’93 additions. Tibi Gardens in Salou Spain for ’95. Disney news +Toon Town news. Boblo Island auction. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Members’ marriages. NewsFlash − 19 news stories. [Front cover: Walibi Smurf’s Anaconda. Back cover: Aerial view of Mirabilandia Park in Italy].

[Magazine Vol.15/No.1: 1993. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Spain’s Tibidabo − a history. NAPHA is 15-years-old. Texas coasting +Six Flags Over Texas, Fiesta Texas and AstroWorld. Flashback to 1983 (photos: Six Flags Over Texas’ Roaring Rapids and Six Flags Great America’s The Edge). Michigan’s Adventure. NAPHA ’92 survey results. Cedar Point’s record-breaking rides +Snake River Falls. “Memories of the way we were at Buckeye Lake Ohio” (four photos). Spotlight on the midway – the Teeter Dip 1918−. Parks’ anniversaries / a list. Conneaut Lake Park’s new owners. Photo potpourri (The Dipper at Kennywood in 1978, Funhouse at Lakeside Park in 1979, Rocket at Playland Texas in 1980, and the Racing Whippet at West View Park in 1980). Libertyland Carousel phase III. Aero Park America map. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s record-breaker breaks ground +photo. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Tibidabo’s Atalaya and Pan-O-Ramic wheel. Back cover: Tibidabo’s Atalaya in 1928].

[Magazine Vol.15/No.2: 1993. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Amusement parks of Wheeling West Virginia. Paramount’s Kings Island’s Top Gun +park history. Indianapolis’ past amusement parks. New Jersey’s Clementon Park additions. England’s Gulliver’s World and their wooden roller coaster. The Haunted Mansion at Funland Park in Delaware. Idlewild’s 115 years +new Wild Mouse. Norman Anderson’s “Ferris Wheels” book review. Cedar Point’s Snake River Falls. Eddy Meeus and Walibi. Flashback to 1983 (photos: Riverside Park’s Cyclone and Tokyo Disneyland). Amusement park nostalgia show report. Spotlight on Noah’s Arks 1919−. Photo potpourri 1970s (The Zephyr at Lake Ponchartrain, Thunderbolt at Coney Island New York, Haunted House at Elitch Gardens, and the Tailspin roller coaster at Dandilion Park). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. “Memories of the way we were at Pacific Ocean Park”. [Front cover: Kings Island’s Beast. Back cover: The “Twins Gravity Ride” at London’s Earls Court in 1911].

[Magazine Vol.15/No.3: 1993. 22x28cm − 36 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Pittsburgh’s Luna Park. Iowa’s Adventureland is 20-years-old. David Pickstone’s Wild Mouse at Brean Leisure Park in England. Rhode Island Crescent Park’s remains. Libertyland’s Zippin Pippin. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Project ’94 latest. Flashback to 1983 (photos: Circus World’s Jumbo Wheel and Six Flags Great Adventure’s Parachuter’s Perch tower). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “High Sierra Territory”. “Red House Painters” album cover +roller coaster art. News (including: Canada’s Wonderland, Kennywood, Boblo Island, Valleyfair! facts, Grand Slam Canyon in Las Vegas, etc.). Photo potpourri (Springlake Park’s carrousel, La Ronde’s Grand Orient walk-thru, Paragon Park’s Bermuda Triangle chute, and Crystal Beach’s Wild Mouse). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. “Memories of Adventureland in Addison, Illinois”. [Front cover: Luna Park Pittsburgh in 1907. Back cover: The Caves of Laughter at White City, London in 1912].

[Magazine Vol.15/No.4: 1993. 22x28cm − 48 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Whalom Park celebrates its centenary. NAPHA visits Whalom Park and Riverside. This Is Cinerama Museum in Bradford England. Missouri’s Silver Dollar City +history. NAPHA events and gatherings. I remember Canada’s Crystal Beach. Iowa’s Adventureland +Outlaw review. Minnesota’s Valleyfair! flooded. New at Euro Disneyland − Le Temple Du Peril, etc. Illinois’ State Fair Amusement Park to be transformed. Idora Park update. Maine’s Agassiz Village Carousel auction. Blackpool Pleasure Beach sign “Project ’94” contract. Belchertown School in Massachusetts − Carousel auction. Mr? Ree’s opinions. Bertrand Island Museum seeks help. Drawing board roller coaster concepts. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Rockaways’ Playland Atom Smasher and This Is Cinerama. Back cover: “The Slider” at Mount Mihara, Japan].

[Magazine Vol.15/No.5: 1993. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The Ferris wheel celebrates its centenary 1893-1993. Universal Studios’ Jaws. Bertrand Island Park +an interview with Raymond D’Agostino. Cedar Point’s Raptor for 1994. Iowa’s carousels. Those were the days at Clementon Lake Park in New Jersey. Cedar Fair announces 1994 expenditure. Roseneath Carousel restoration in Canada. Mr? Ree’s opinions. Shaw’s Moon-Rockets (1938 ride). Crystal Beach Park’s Comet for The Great Escape in New York. Kennywood’s Thunderbolt turns 25-years-old. Flashback to 1983 (photos: Marineland’s Dragon Mountain and Flames engulf Dorney Park’s Bucket-O-Blood). Spotlight on Haunted Swings 1893−. Sauzer’s Kiddieland in Indiana to close. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Photo potpourri (four 1950s photos). [Front cover: The Sea-Going Ferris Wheel painting. Back cover: Mickey Mouse and Goofy ride a Ferris wheel / 1940s art].

[Magazine Vol.15/No.6: 1993. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens is 150-years-old. Disney’s America coming to Virginia. IAAPA ’93 review. Emerson Scott’s Carousel Park in Wyoming. NAPHA ’93 survey results. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Pepsi Max The Big One sponsorship. A visit to PTC. Spotlight on The Whip 1914–. Luna Park in Sydney Australia. Flashback to 1983 (photos: Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Thunder River and Six Flags Over Georgia’s Ultimate Thriller freefall ride). News (including: Nebraska’s Peony Park for sale and Florida’s Splendid China opening soon, etc.). Whalom Park’s centenary news. Vintage Fun Expo’ ’94 / new leisure show. 1994 is the United Kingdom’s Year of the Roller Coaster. Photo potpourri − Pennsylvania’s amusement parks. Disney Software’s “Coaster” game review. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Tivoli Gardens’ entrance. Back cover: Cedar Point’s Raptor construction].

[Magazine Vol.16/No.1: 1994. 22x28cm − 36 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Remembering Ohio’s Euclid Beach Park. Squaw Creek Park / Ferncliffe Park / Avon Park in Youngstown, Ohio. Ohio’s Paradise Lake − a short-lived park. Custom Coasters International renovate La Montana Rusa in Mexico. Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes, England. Euro Disney relaunch expected. Alton Towers introduce Nemesis. Omaha’s Peony Park up for auction. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Allan Herschell, Looper ride 1940−). 1994 is the United Kingdom’s Year of the Roller Coaster. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Batman opening soon. Cedar Point = more than 3 million visitors in 1993. Amusement parks’ anniversaries (Seabreeze =115, Dorney Park =110, etc.). Disney planning second California park. Toronto’s Riverside Park carousel. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. News. [Front cover: Cedar Point’s Raptor. Back cover: Indiana Beach’s Hoosier Hurricane construction].

[Magazine Vol.16/No.2: 1994. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Seabreeze Park − carousel fire. The Circle Swing ride’s birth (written by Harry Guy Traver in 1928). Las Vegas’ Buffalo Bill’s Desperado roller coaster rising. A profile of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (McFadden Amusements’ Lunar Liner). New Disney Park =nature for Florida. Spotlight on Venetian Swings. Cedar Point’s future(?). Nebraska’s Peony Park auction results. Space Shuttle simulator opens at Six Flags Great America. Diving mules outlawed. Richard Rodriguez’s 549-hour Blackpool Pleasure Beach Big Dipper marathon ends. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Valleyfair!’s Berenstain Bear Country opens. Opryland’s new carousel. Vekoma carousels. 3D Magic-eye picture. [Front cover: Kansas’ Electric Park Circle Swing in 1906. Back cover: Gavioli Organ at La Coruna, Spain in 1919].

[Magazine Vol.16/No.3: 1994. 22x28cm − 36 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA’s convention ’94 report. Blackpool Tower’s centennial. UK’s Nemesis, Shockwave and Pepsi Max Big One =all open. The Stratosphere Rocket − the United Kingdom’s custom coaster. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (PTC’s Crazy Dazy ride). Richard Rodriguez is a record-breaker. Knott’s Berry Farm − Timber Mountain Log Ride’s 25th anniversary. Cedar Point’s Raptor =one million rides. TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. Amusement Business Billboard 1894-1994…; Flashback to 1984 (Tom Keefe rides the Circus World “Roaring Tiger” 184 times during a marathon, and Kings Island’s “King Cobra” opens). Spotlight on the Flying Scooter ride 1939–. News. Paramount Parks’ roller coasters / list. [Front cover: Blackpool Tower and Promenade. Back cover: Crazy Tubs at Peter Pan’s Amusement Park in Southend-On-Sea, England in 1936].

[Magazine Vol.16/No.4: 1994. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Paul Boyton’s Water Chutes Amusement Park in Chicago 1894 =America’s first. Indiana Beach’s Hoosier Hurricane +Ideal Beach / Indiana Beach’s history. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Allan Herschell Roller Coaster ride). Brandywine Springs Park in Delaware, 1899-1923…; Universal Studios California turns 30-years-old. Cedar Point investing for 1995. Canada’s Wonderland’s Top Gun. Spotlight on the Auto Race 1929–. Esselworld Bombay, India. Fiesta Texas’ Bay Boardwalk. News (including: Disney latest, David Pickstone buys Willow Mill Park’s Red Streaker roller coaster, Elitch Gardens’ Twister construction). TurnAround − members’ classified advertisments. [Front cover: Chutes ride at Chutes Park in Chicago in 1902. Back cover: Steam Gallopers at The Bois de Boulogne, Paris in 1904].

[Magazine Vol.16/No.5: 1994. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The Lakemont Park story 1894-1994…; Indiana’s Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo +their wooden carousel. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (R.E. Chambers Co. Midget Auto Racer). Chicago’s Kiddieland is 65-years-old. Opryland to build suspended coaster. Spotlight on Harry Guy Traver’s Tumble Bug ride 1926–. Flashback to 1984 (photos: The Great Escape’s Steamin’ Demon and Opryland’s The Screamin’ Delta Demon). TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. Photos of ’94s attractions (including: Disney’s Tower of Terror, The Great Escape’s Comet trains manufacture, Michigan’s Adventure’s Zach’s Zoomer). “In The Feast of St. Edmund The King” book review. [Front cover: Lakemont Park’s Leap-the-Dips. Back cover: “Roly Poly” ride at The Great White City, London in 1912].

[Magazine Vol.16/No.6: 1994. 22x28cm − 44 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Australian coastin’ (including: Sea World, Warner Bros Movie World, Dreamworld, Luna Park Sydney, Luna Park Melbourne, Melbourne Zoo Gardens, Wonderland, Orphan Rocker and the Scenic Railway in Katoomba). New Zealand coastin’ − Rainbow’s End park. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (National Amusement Device Co. roller coasters, Ferris wheels, funhouse mirrors and merry-go-rounds). NAPHA survey results. Italy’s Luneur Park. Port Aventura – Spain’s new amusement park. Cedar Point’s first winter opening. Alton Towers’ Toyland Tours and Chessington World of Adventures’ Terrortomb dark rides. IAAPA pictorial round-up. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: The face entrance to Luna Park in Melbourne. Back cover: The New Zealand and South Seas International Exhibit 1926 − face facade / attraction].

[Magazine Vol.17/No.1: 1995. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A ride operator’s view of Ohio’s Euclid Beach Park. Pittsburgh’s Roller Coaster at Point State Park. Gulliver’s World’s wooden roller coaster going up, etc. Shooting the Chutes with a Togo -acrobat- twist at Yokohama Sea Paradise in Japan. Blackpool Pleasure Beach creates Junior Board of Directors. Pennsylvania’s Rocky Glen Park and Nay Aug Park − the last years. Disneyworld bids $48,950 for a model carousel, etc. Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Batman. Amusement parks’ anniversaries for ’95 (Cedar Point =125, Vollmar’s Park =95, etc.). “Jubilee Steam Gallopers” − new book published. New at Knott’s Camp Snoopy in Minnesota. James C. Bouy is Vice President and General Manager at Geauga Lake Park. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Euclid Beach Park’s entrance. Back cover: Cedar Point’s Racer, Leapfrog and Leap The Dips roller coasters in the 1920s].

[Magazine Vol.17/No.2: 1995. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Geauga Lake Park’s nostalgic rides (including: Rocket Ships, Big Dipper, Carousel, Flying Scooters). Illinois’ Dellwood Park history. Six Flags Great America’s Viper. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Flashback to 1985 (photos: Adventureland in Iowa opens Steel Dragon, and La Ronde’s Le Monstre debuts). Sydney’s Luna Park smiles again. New Hampshire’s Storyland attractions. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Lusse Bros. Lusse Skooters). United Kingdom’s new rides (including: Klondike Old Mine Ride at Drayton Manor Park, Energizer at Alton Towers, Falls of Terror at Lightwater Valley, Hornet at Flambards Park, Iron Wolf at American Adventure, Excalibur at Camelot, Seastorm at Chessington World of Adventures). Arizona showmen auction results. [Front cover: Geauga Lake Park’s Rocket Ships. Back cover: Riders enjoy Geauga Lake Park’s Big Dipper].

[Magazine Vol.17/No.3: 1995. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Cedar Point convention report. Holiday World and their Raven roller coaster. Kennywood − behind-the-scenes. From Switchback Railway to Raptor − a chronology of Cedar Point’s roller coasters. Wisconsin’s Big Chief’s Cyclops. Flashback to 1985 (photos: Paramount Canada’s Wonderland’s Skyrider and Cedar Point’s Avalanche Run / Disaster Transport debut). Lost Kennywood. America’s century-old Ferris wheel at Mississippi’s Wonderland Entertainment Park. Mississippi’s Highland Park’s carousel is 100-years-old. Belmont Park’s Giant Dipper turns 70-years-old. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Photos of new attractions. Disney’s Animal Kingdom update. Arthur Sellner obituary. Space Mountain at Disneyland in Paris. Dr Ted’s Musical Marvels in Indiana. [Front cover: Cedar Point’s Raptor. Back cover: Members enjoying Holiday World].

[Magazine Vol.17/No.4: 1995. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Busch Gardens Tampa expansion. Kings Island’s Outer Limits announced. Valleyfair!’s expansion +Wild Thing fact sheet. Cedar Point’s record-breaking roller coaster announced. Waldameer Park’s 1996 expansion. Flashback to 1985 (photos: Knoebels’ Phoenix and Circus World’s Wiener Looping debut). Colorado’s Elitch Gardens pictorial. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (R.E. Chambers Co. Midget Auto Racer). Wisconsin Dells pictorial +Cyclops roller coaster. Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Fright Fest. Nunley’s Amusements − carousel auction planned. Opryland’s Howl-O-Ween. Photo potpourri. News. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: New Elitch Gardens. Back cover: Side-friction ‘coaster’ at Merrie England Park in Ramsgate, England in 1930].

[Magazine Vol.17/No.5: 1995. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Canada: (including: Heritage Park’s Lake View Amusements, Upper Clements, Calaway Park, Olympic Park, West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland, etc.). Arkansas’ Hot Springs Park. Indiana carousels at Riverside Park and Greenwood Park. Minnesota’s Family Funways. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Dodgem Corporation). Rocky Point Park’s Shore Dinner Hall. United Kingdom updates − Oakwood Leisure Park and Gulliver’s. NAPHA announcements / offers. Six Flags Great America’s Fright Fest. News: (including: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Pepsi Max Big One wins lighting award, Eli Bridge Co. bankruptcy(?), Sydney’s Luna Park update, Tokyo Disney, Euro-Star, etc.). Carousel news from Nantasket Beach and Mountain Park. Cedar Point’s roller coaster chronology update. Six Flags Great America’s Rolling Thunder demolished. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. 4 Blackpool Pleasure Beach postcards. [Front cover: Heritage Park’s Eli Wheel in 1923. Back cover: The first drop on the Pepsi Max Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach].

[Magazine Vol.17/No.6: 1995. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Celoron Park was New York’s White City 1891-1962. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Silverwood’s Grizzly is Idaho’s first wooden roller coaster in 76 years. Frank J. Sauzer obituary (Sauzer’s Kiddieland in Indiana). Cedar Point’s Mantis is named +fact sheet. California’s Pacific Park to feature Morgan roller coaster. IAAPA ’95 pictorial round-up. Fast forward / rewind − news tidbits. Busch Gardens Tampa’s Montu for ’96. Blackpool Pleasure Beach celebrates centenary 1896-1996. Fairground photos from Germany. [Front cover: Celoron Park in the 1900s. Back cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Pepsi Max Big One, Pleasure Beach Express and Big Dipper centenary photo montage].

[Magazine Vol.18/No.1: 1996. 22x28cm − 20 Pages− Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lakeside lament in Dayton Ohio. A trip to Williams Grove Amusement Park in Pennsylvania. “Hang Over” the first suspended Boomerang at Liseberg. “Over-The-Jumps” the Arkansas Carousel. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (R.S. Uzzell Corporation, Rocket Cars). Survey results 1995. ‘Tower’ puts observation on wheels (Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas). Lightwater Valley’s new Batflyer. Lawsuit over Shockwave gives Six Flags Great Adventure a sharp jolt. Ed Morgan – the father of steel roller coasters. Universal Studios announced for Osaka Japan. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Lakeside Park’s tunneled Scenic Railway and Shoot the Chutes. Back cover: Panoramic view of the Giant Scenic Railway at Great Yarmouth, England in 1934].

[Magazine Vol.18/No.2: 1996. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Wildwood Amusement Park in Minnesota remembered. Dino-mite! Ready for a “Jurassic Park” ride? General Motors to bring Test Track to Disney. 1996 amusement park anniversaries. Cedar Point constructs world-record-breaking roller coaster =Mantis. Construction on track at Santa Monica Pier. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (International Amusements Devices, Inc.). Two new rides at Geauga Lake Park =Mind Eraser and Grizzly Run. Coney Island Ohio adds Americana. Dinosaurs rescue Hunt’s Pier. NAPHA’s Heritage Fund and the “Over-The-Jumps Carousel” in Arkansas. Photo potpourri / Scrapbook mementos. [Front cover: Over-The-Jumps Carousel. Back cover: The 1930s Dutch “Rakettoren” Flying Machine].

[Magazine Vol.18/No.3: 1996. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: “The Wall of Death” motorcycle stunt. Cedar Point joins the “International Year of the Roller Coaster” celebrations. World’s 25 oldest operating roller coasters (that have continuously operated at the same location). Visitors become test engineers for Test Track. Who was T.L Stine? (information sought). Valleyfair!’s Wild Thing. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (National Amusement Device Co. Mirror Maze). European parks round-up. Heritage Fund donation update for “Over-The-Jumps” Carousel in Arkansas. Noah rebuilds his Ark at Kennywood. New Kennywood coaster =kiddie coaster. Conneaut Lake Park sold. Rocky Point Park auction. Sydney’s Luna Park. London Eye observation wheel announced. 1996 park photo update. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: “Fearless” Ajay Ford’s “Wall of Death” at Battersea, London. Back cover: Switchback Gravity Railroad at Folkestone, England in 1909].

[Magazine Vol.18/No.4: 1996. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Disneyland’s 40 years of adventures (a comprehensive 13-page report including the Walt Disney-signed invitation letter for the ‘Grand’ opening of Disneyland). Disney is planning a new California Park. Matterhorn Bobsled memories. Disneyland − The Nickel Tour. The Outer Limits Flight of Fear at Paramount’s Kings Island +fact sheet. Auction provides keepsakes of Kiddieland (Frank Sauzer’s Kiddieland). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Who was T.L. Stine? 1996 photo round-up. [Front cover: Santa Fe and Disneyland train. Back cover: Walt Disney’s Disneyland as seen from the air in 1955].

[Magazine Vol. 18/No.5: 1996. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA celebrates Waldameer Park’s 100th anniversary. Six Flags Magic Mountain is 25-years-old +a chronology. Kennywood’s Noah’s Ark in the 21st century. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Allan Herschell Sky Wheel). Lakeview Park in Dracut, Massachusetts. Six Flags Over Mid-America celebrates 452 million rides across 25-years! Lawsuit dropped (news). Dorney Park’s Steel Force plans finalised. Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg +fact sheet. United Kingdom news. Woman hurt on Six Flags Great America’s Demon wins lawsuit. World’s oldest operating amusement parks (66 parks listed). Canobie Lake Park wants a new ride. Germany’s fairground attractions. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. 1996 photo round-up. [Front cover: Waldameer Park’s Comet. Back cover: Butlin’s French-built Figure Eight at Maplethorpe, England in 1938].

[Magazine Vol.18/No.6: 1996. 22x28cm − 44 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Coastin’ thru Great Britain the return (NAPHA’s 1996 convention). Park remarks from Great Britain’s convention. Rave for your faves − trip survey results. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Safe Parachute Jumps Co.). Waldameer Park’s 100 years of memories. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Great Adventure coming to Brazil. Libertyland celebrating 20 years of rides and fun! Sellner celebrates 70 years of fun! United Kingdom update − The Haunting at Drayton Manor Park. A Carousel for Missoula Montana. Valleyfair! Family Amusement Park celebrates 20 seasons of operation. Blackpool Pleasure Beach announce Space Shot for spring 1997 +ride statistics. [Front cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Pepsi Max Big One. Back cover: Switchback Railway and crew at Folkestone, England in 1906].

[Magazine Vol.19/No.1: 1997. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Arnolds Park − a concise history. Hollywood comes to Germany with Movie World. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Superman The Escape. Seabreeze Carousel fact sheet. Las Vegas offers bite of the Big Apple with Manhattan Express. NAPHA survey results. 1997 Amusement park anniversaries. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Miniature Train Company). A pictorial of 1996 and 1997 attractions. Japan’s Fujikju Highlands +Fujiyama facts. “Over-The-Jumps” the Arkansas Carousel. Switchback Gravity Railroad Foundation update. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Disneyland tones down Pirates’ act. NAPHA’s fall outing. Photo round-up of the IAAPA ’96 trade show. [Front cover: Kennywood’s Pitt Fall tower construction. Back cover: Figure Eight, Water Chute and Joy Wheel at the Spanish City at Whitley Bay, England in 1913].

[Magazine Vol.19/No.2: 1997. 22x28cm − 36 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Walt Disney World’s 25 years of magic. Maine’s Palace Playland and reflections of oceanside fun. SeaWorld joins the thrill ride wave. Geauga Lake Park debuts Mr. Hyde’s Nasty Fall. Last round-up for Euclid Beach Park’s Carousel ponies. A glimpse into the archives at PTC. Ocean City Amusements in Maryland. Old Indiana Fun Park and auction. Six Flags St Louis’ Mr. Freeze is the coolest roller coaster. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Chestnut Hill Park in Pennsylvania +their Mountain Railway (PTC President: Henry B. Auchy is stood at the far right). Back cover: A new-for-1997 four-tier Go Kart track at Wisconsin Dells’ Big Chief Kart and Coaster World].

[Magazine Vol.19/No.3: 1997. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Blackpool Pleasure Beach begins second century. A birthday outing at Worlds of Fun. Euclid Beach Park’s PTC #19 carousel comes home again. Tonnerre de Zeus is Parc Astérix’s wooden wonder. Conneaut Lake Park’s Blue Streak Bash ’97. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Cedar Point announces plans for the first Halloween event and extended ’97 season. Peppy the Musical Clown arcade machine restored. Kings Island ’98 expansion with Scooby’s Ghoster Coaster and Yogi’s Sky Tours. D. Abbate obituary. Typhoon Coaster at three Worlds of Santa’s Village. Twister at Universal Studios Florida. Silverwood Theme Park’s 10th anniversary. Alton Towers’ SW4 rumours. Cedar Point’s ’98 thriller is “Power Tower”. Rotunda in Folkestone, England − their side-friction roller coaster rides again. [Front cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s damaged Switchback Railway in 1907 following high tide. Back cover: A 1915 view of Blackpool Pleasure Beach].

[Magazine Vol.19/No.4: 1997. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lake Compounce enters a new era. NAPHA celebrates at 90-year-old HersheyPark. New Zealand’s new adventure is “Fly by Wire”. Book review of “The Riverview Murders”. NAPHA visits southwest Ohio. Disney-Spielberg plan high-tech attractions. Conneaut Lake Park + car show = Fun! Wildcat material faulted at Bell Amusement Park. The Fun Spot taking Indiana by storm. Test Track at EPCOT. Big Chief at Wisconsin Dells. Prairie Rose Carousel at Chahinkapa Park in Wahpeton, North Dakota. Omaha’s Peony Park 1919-1994. Salem Willows in Massachusetts. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Aerial view of Lake Compounce in the 1970s. Back cover: Butlin’s Thriller roller coaster at Littlehampton, England − 6 July, 1949].

[Magazine Vol.19/No.5: 1997. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A history of the Magic Kingdom’s first quarter century – a comprehensive 14-page report. Worlds of Fun’s Mamba slithers into Kansas City and is poised to strike in 1998. Cafesjian’s Carousel going to Como Park. Is Silver Dollar City a theme park or not? TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Riddler’s Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Great Bear arrives at HersheyPark in 1998. Disney’s E Ticket is back. Roller coaster installations 1998 (selected parks). Paramount’s Great America – Invertigo and fact sheet. [Front cover: Cinderella’s Castle − Walt Disney World drawing 1971. Back cover: Workmen prepare the Scenic Railway in Margate, England for another season during March, 1950].

[Magazine Vol.19/No.6: 1997. 22x28cm − 44 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Vienna’s Riesenrad at Prater Park celebrates 100th anniversary. Kings Island’s 25 years of memories… and more to come. EPCOT’s 15th anniversary and looking back to the future. IAAPA ’97 round-up. Cyclone Racer at Long Beach California is still on track. New head of Public Relations ride high at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Viv Ashby). “Over-The-Jumps” the Arkansas Carousel update. Elitch Gardens fined over the death of a worker. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA’s survey results are in. [Front cover: Prater Park’s Riesenrad in 1966. Back cover: The Giant Slide at Crystal Palace in London, England in 1903].

[Magazine Vol.20/No.1: 1998. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Glen Echo Park – a return. NAPHA is 20-years-old already!? (A look at 1978 – Part 1). NAPHA needs your help. Visionland new theme park. Bushkill Park is lost in time. New for ’98 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Rift surfaces over Disney’s Submarine Voyage ride. Dorney Park’s Thunderhawk celebrates three-quarters of a century. California’s Santa’s Village slated for auction. Amusement Business Guide ’98 available. Australia’s Luna Parks update. A look back at NAPHA’s conventions, events and outings. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Glen Echo Park’s Coaster Dips. Back cover: Butlin’s Amusement Park’s Big Dipper at Skegness, England in 1931].

[Magazine Vol.20/No.2: 1998. 22x28cm − 44 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A century of thrills and memories – The Kennywood Story. Non-riders are not forgotten at Kennywood. Little ones have never been forgotten with Kennywood’s kiddie attractions. A trip through the dark with Kennywood’s Old Mill and other dark rides. From the “Hall of Trouble” to the new Noah’s Ark – Kennywood’s walk-thrus. Kennywood is the roller coaster capital of the world. 1978’s new roller coasters. The soul of Kennywood is the Carousel. NAPHA celebrates Kennywood and at their 100th anniversary party. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Amusement Business headlines from March and April 1978 (Part 2). NAPHA needs your help. [Front cover: Aerial view of Kennywood. Back cover: Kennywood’s Thunderbolt].

[Magazine Vol.20/No.3: 1998. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A century of Ohio’s Idora Park. Rhode Island’s Crescent Park. “Riverboat” dark ride made waves at former Crescent Park. Steeplechase Park’s Parachute Jump and setting the record straight. NAPHA is 20-years-old already? – May and June 1978 (Part 3). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. What is that? – remembering some of Kennywood’s unusual rides. A look at attendance then and now (1977/78 and 1997). 1978’s new roller coasters. [Front cover: Idora Park and Crescent Park collage. Back cover: A 1929 Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl car with canvas canopy at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds].

[Magazine Vol.20/No.4: 1998. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Americana is the playground of the Miami Valley (a comprehensive, 10-page article). A trip through New York’s Magic Forest Family Fun Park. NAPHA’s favourite amusement parks, rides and attractions – the 1998 survey results. New York’s Midway Park celebrates a century of memories. NAPHA celebrates at Midway Park. [Front cover: July 1997 view of Americana’s Screechin’ Eagle. Back cover: Members’ group photo at Midway Park in Maple Springs, New York − 12 July 1998].

[Magazine Vol.20/No.5: 1998. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A boundary line adventure in the Carolinas (featuring: Family Kingdom, Pedroland, Paramount Carowinds, Jubilee Park, Carolina Beach Park, Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Pleasure Island Amusement Park and Goldston’s Beach). A tornado / weather phenomenon strikes Frontier City. Twenty years already? − NAPHA is 20-years-old: July and August 1978 (Part 4). Comparison of admission prices then and now (1978 and 1998). “The Giant Drop” is the newest thrill ride at Australia’s Dreamworld. [Front cover: Carowinds’ entrance signage. Back cover: Artist’s impression of the world’s first “hyper-twister” roller coaster Raging Bull, which is Six Flags Great Adventure’s tenth roller coaster].

[Magazine Vol.20/No.6: 1998. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA is twenty years old already? – September and October 1978 (Part 5). Ohio’s Coney Island is a true industry survivor (a comprehensive 12-page feature). IAAPA convention 1998 from Dallas Texas (featuring: Silver Dollar City’s Liquid Coaster/flume, Zamperla’s Mouse, Zamperla’s Barnstormer ride, Heinrich Mack’s new water roller coaster, and Meisho’s Spinturn coaster). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Cincinnati’s Coney Island collage. Back cover: 1912 postcard view of the Shoot-the-Chutes at Cincinnati’s Coney Island].

[Magazine Vol.21/No.1: 1999. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: 70 Years of Kiddieland − Chicago’s oldest amusement park. The Fly at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland (two photos). 40 years of Santa’s Village in Dundee, Illinois. Illinois’ Harlem Park Memories (a history reprinted from NAPHA News 54: Vol.9/No.6). Iowa’s Dodge Park Playland +a history. Busch Gardens’ Gwazi nears completion +photo. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA discounts and merchandise. New Hampshire’s Santa’s Village’s history. [Front cover: Santa’s Village in Dundee, Illinois. Back cover: Nashville, Tennessee “Big Dipper” roller coaster].

[Magazine Vol.21/No.2: 1999. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Coastin’ thru the dark (Scenic Railways, Dragon Gorge, Rocky Road to Dublin, Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds, Outer Limits Flight of Fear. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Space Invader, Lightwater Valley’s The Rat, Kennywood’s Exterminator, etc.). Holidog’s Funtown comes to Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. Old Elitch Gardens comes tumblin’ down / demolition. The Ghost Ship was one of Kennywood’s greatest dark rides. Arrow Development Company 1946–. Paramount Carowinds’ Top Gun The Jet Coaster. NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: Twister and Wildcat at Elitch Gardens. Back cover: The Derby Racer roller coaster at Riverside Park in Indiana].

[Magazine Vol.21/No.3: 1999. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Amarillo’s Wonderland (a 7-page history of the Texas park). Wonderland’s wonderful dark ride called “Fantastic Journey”. The golden horseshoe (new rides: Paramount Canada’s Wonderland “The Fly,” Martin’s Fantasy Island’s “Silver Comet,” and Six Flags Darien Lake’s “Superman: Ride of Steel”). Cornfield coastin’ II at Indiana Beach. Cass County’s Dentzel Carousel. A trip to Majestic Manufacturing, Inc. in Ohio. Lakemont Park +Leap-the-Dips re-opens. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: Leap-the-Dips at Lakemont Park. Back cover: A car from John Miller’s Dip-Lo-Do-Cus roller coaster − circa 1923].

[Magazine Vol.21/No.4: 1999. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: “California Screamin’” the 1999 NAPHA convention (NAPHA visited: Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, Paramount’s Great America in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, Pacific Park in Santa Monica, Disneyland in Anaheim, Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, Belmont Park/Mission Beach in San Diego, and the Seaport Village for the Broadway Flying Horses Carousel). NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: California Screamin’ survival essentials. Back cover: On-ride view of Belmont Park’s wonderfully restored Giant Dipper].

[Magazine Vol.21/No.5: 1999. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Children’s Fun Park at Naviti Resort in Fiji. Arnolds Park is a survivor +a history and details of their main attractions. Fading memories from old postcards: Lake Erie Park and Casino in Toledo, Ohio – 1895-1910. The rise and demise of Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Tales of the Okefenokee” indoor attraction (an in-depth 8-page feature). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: Arnolds Park’s Thriller roller coaster. Back cover: workmen constructing a National Amusement Device? racing coaster (park unidentified) circa early 1900s].

[Magazine Vol.21/No.6: 1999. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Letter to the editor from Mr. Hughes / Kennywood’s Chairman. Postcard memories of Twin Grove Park in Pennsylvania. Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia. IAAPA 1999 report. Remembering Lincoln Park and Lincoln Park Day in Massachusetts. Ride announcements: including Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and The Legend at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: Wild Adventures’ Double Shot and Hangman. Back cover: Drawing of Holiday World’s, new for 2000, Legend roller coaster].