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Back Issues: 1978 - 1989

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[22x28cm – 1 Page – 1 B&W photo]. NAPHA’s (National Amusement Park Historical Association) introductory flyer entitled: “National Amusement Park Historical News” has been distributed free of charge to help promote this new organisation for people interested in amusement parks, roller coasters and carnivals, not forgetting the promotion and restoration of all manner of amusement park-related items and articles. Chapter Points: Scenic Railway? (From Mauch Chunk to La Marcus Thompson’s Scenic Railway …and beyond). Wood vs steel. Members wanted, so join up now and become a part of this new and exciting club!

[Magazine Vol.1/No.1: January-February 1979. 22x28cm – 2 Pages – 2 B&W photos]. Initial issue of NAPHA News. We think it’s only fitting that we have a picture of Riverview Park’s “Chutes” on the cover of our first Newsletter of 1979. The “Chutes” was a favourite of many including our first president Ralph Lopez, who was the manager of the ride. Chapter Points: Just for fun let’s ride again. New members welcome! Officers 1979. Trip planned in April. What’s new at Old Chicago? 1979 is the Year of the Coaster. Riverview nostalgia shows are a hit. The next newsletter is due in March, 1979.

[Magazine Vol.1/No.2: March-April 1979. 22x28cm – 4 Pages – 4 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: New members wanted. Officers 1979. Book corner – “Great American Amusement Parks” by Gary Kyriazi, “Fun Land” by Tim Onosko, and “The Top 100 Amusement Parks” by James W. Reed. Forest Park Amusement Park in Illinois. NAPHA’s Riverview show. Newspaper article and Ralph Lopez interview. Information request concerning parks’ opening schedules, etc.). The Boomerang flat ride. Six Flags’ Flying Turns? The Beast at Kings Island. NAPHA’s trip to Kings Island. Send information / members’ input request. Membership application form. [Back cover: Illustration of the Beast, opening at Kings Island in the spring of 1979].

[Magazine Vol.1/No.3: May-June 1979. 22x28cm – 6 Pages – 5 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: White City Chicago – 63rd street and South Park Avenue 1903-1939. NAPHA trip report from Kings Island. NAPHA visits Americana in Ohio. Coaster facts / 15 US roller coasters +name, location, ride duration, track length, highest point, drop height and angle, top speed). Members’ input request. Six Flags Great Adventure’s Rolling Thunder. Richard Rodriguez’s 128-hour marathon on Hurricane at Circus World in Florida. Loch Ness Monster at The Old Country Busch Gardens. Wood or steel which are better? New members welcome. [Back cover: Photo of Loch Ness Monster’s interlocking loops at The Old Country Busch Gardens, in Williamsburg Virginia].

[Magazine Vol.1/No.4&5: July-October 1979. 22x28cm – 10 Pages – 12 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA visits Elitch Gardens in Colorado +a brief history. Montezooma’s Revenge’s two millionth rider. Richard Rodriguez’s 170-hour roller coaster marathon. Ocean View Park’s Tunnel of Love ride saved. NAPHA visits Lakeside Park in Colorado +a brief history. Nathan’s up for sale. New theme park for Louisiana? Sesame Place Park (Pennsylvania). Trip report from Adventureland Park in Iowa. Chicago’s Riverview Park newspaper article. Chicago’s Riverview Park nostalgia show. Riverview Park sculpture. Iowa’s Arnolds Park. NAPHA film collection / list. Best log flume? Wisconsin’s Dandilion Park. Rumour mill +news. Down memory lane – Aladdin’s Castle at Chicago’s Riverview Park. Please write / articles wanted. Join NAPHA now. [Back cover 1: Photo of the Pippin roller coaster at Chicago’s Riverview Park in 1938. Back cover 2: Photo of the Miniature Railway at Chicago’s Riverview Park in 1916].

[Magazine Vol.1/No.6: November-December 1979. 22x28cm – 8 Pages – 6 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Riverview Park nostalgia corner. NAPHA News +NAPHA’s first birthday, Election of officers, and NAPHA’s spring weekend trip to Six Flags St Louis. Kennywood: a traditional park revisited. Timely tidbits (+Cypress Gardens’ expansion, Busch Gardens expansion, Disney’s EPCOT Center, Kurt Miller is the 100 millionth Walt Disney World visitor, and Carl Eichelman rides King Island’s “Beast” 540 times). Please write / articles wanted. Join NAPHA now. Minstrel of Mirth’s Hocus Pocus Quiz – 15 questions and answers. Worlds of Fun’s Orient Express fact sheet. Down memory lane (Sans Souci Amusement Park and their steel tower). [Back cover: Illustration of the Orient Express, currently under construction at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City].

[Magazine Vol.2/No.1: January-February 1980. 22x28cm – 6 Pages – 3 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Riverview Park. A trip thru Riverview Park with the Mayor. Kings Island’s “Beast” helix-banking modifications. Disney World – Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow / EPCOT work begins. NAPHA election results. In memory John Allen. NAPHA spring trip scheduled for Six Flags Over Mid-America. New roller coasters (featuring: Orient Express at Worlds of Fun, Laser Loop at Kennywood, and Six Flags Over Texas’ unnamed wooden roller coaster). New rides (+Six Flags Over Mid-America’s “Rockin’ Reel,” and Disney’s “Big Thunder Mountain” is now open). Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California: a brief history. Please write / submissions request. Join NAPHA now. Full page photo of Orient Express’ “Kamikaze Kurve” coming to Worlds of Fun in 1980. [Back cover: Photo of the Giant Dipper’s first drop at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk].

[Magazine Vol.2/No.2 March-April 1980. 22x28cm − 6 Pages − 2 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Trip thru Riverview Park II with the Mayor. Six Flags Over Texas soon to open the “Judge Roy Scream”. Lakewood Fairground’s (Georgia) 64-year-old “Greyhound” roller coaster is blown up for Smokey and the Bandit II movie. Old Chicago mortgage foreclosure. NAPHA thanks John Jurica. Charles J. Jacques’ “Amusement Park Annual” is now available. NAPHA spring trip invitation and details. NAPHA’s first garage sale scheduled. Letters to the editor +Willard’s Whizzer roller coaster fault and fatality at Marriott’s Great America. Amusement park crossword puzzle. [Back cover: Construction continues on Orient Express at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City − photo shows its interlocking loops].

[Magazine Vol.2/No.3: May-June 1980. 22x28cm − 6 Pages − 2 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Kings Island Ohio the 1980 story: International Street, Oktoberfest, Wild Animal Safari, Coney Island, Rivertown, The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera, Here’s what’s new. Carl Walker − the President of Walt Disney Productions − recalls Disneyland’s “Black Sunday” and the following 25-years. New parks news (Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto, Carousel Family Theme Park in Oshkosh Wisconsin, and Sesame Street-themed parks planned). Letters to the editor. Kings Island dismantles its sky ride. News updates / US parks’ news. Join NAPHA now. Please write / submissions request. Crossword answers from previous edition. [Back cover: Photo looking down the first drop of the “Beast” at Kings Island].

[Magazine Vol.2/No.4: July-August 1980. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Riverview Park’s Bobs – a comprehensive description of the Chicago roller coaster. Wooden roller coaster for Great America in 1981? New ride – Thunder River at AstroWorld in Texas. Follow-up (Sesame Place, and the Riverview Park sculpture are a reality). Chicago’s Riverview Park nostalgia show. Top 15 / top roller coasters list. Mill Chutes – last 7 in the US. Magic Springs’ “Roaring Tornado” looping roller coaster and “Sky Hook” tower ride at the State-Fair in Texas. Thank you John Jurica. Top 10 steel roller coasters. Canada’s Wonderland / new park +latest news. Letters to the editor (including Euclid Beach Park and Springlake Amusement Park). Editor’s note. Please write. Join NAPHA now. [Back cover: Aerial view showing six wooden roller coasters at Chicago’s Riverview Park].

[Magazine Vol.2/No.5: September-October 1980. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 8 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lakemont Park historical report 1836-1980. Marriott’s Great America’s American Eagle news and fact sheet. Philadelphia Toboggan Co debuts new “articulated chassis” on Marriott’s Great America’s American Eagle. Rye Playland New York / Marriott Corporation to manage and operate during 1981 and 1982. Kings Island’s “Bat” announced. Opryland’s water thrill-ride announced. Bob-Lo’s new steel roller coaster. Iowa’s Adventureland new “Riverview” section. Sellner Manufacturing Co new “Super Tilt” Tilt-A-Whirl. Six Flags St Louis news. NAPHA’s second anniversary. Please write / submissions request. Join NAPHA now. [Back cover: A scale model detailing the “American Eagle” − currently under construction at Marriott’s Great America].

[Magazine Vol.2/No.6: November-December 1980. 22x28cm − 10 Pages − 6 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Sunnyside Park Toronto: historical report 1922-1956. The Bat at Kings Island. Arrow Development Co = 33-years. Geauga Lake Park’s Flying Turns! / Arrow project scrapped. Canada’s Wonderland history. Darien Lake Park’s expansion. Huss buys Arrow. D.S. Humphrey Award. NAPHA’s top 8 wooden roller coasters in Western USA. Little England for Orlando. Marriott’s Great America’s American Eagle, The Demon, Tidal Wave, and Willard’s Whizzer. Northlands complex for Edmonton in Canada. Adventure-Kingdom in Mexico City. State-Fair Dallas. Intamin news. Willow Grove Park’s Thunderbolt roller coaster demolished. Disney-Japan for 1983. International Amusement Device’s “Z” coaster for 1981. Please write. Join NAPHA now. Texas’ Playland Park – auction planned. [Back cover: A car from Kings Island’s “Bat”].

[Magazine Vol.3/No.1: January-February 1981. 22x28cm − 10 Pages − 13 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Blackpool Pleasure Beach history including a look at key rides (7 pages: +Big Dipper, Grand National, Little Dipper, Roller Coaster, Wild Mouse, Revolution, Steeplechase, Virginia Reel, Gold Mine, Water Chute, Tokaydo Express, Cyclone, Captive Flying Machine, Fun House, Derby Racer, Ghost Train, River Caves, Alice in Wonderland Ride, Tom Sawyer’s Rafts, Log Flume, Cableway, Turtle Chase, Monorail, Pleasure Beach Express, Caterpillar, Monster, Haunted Hotel, etc.). Disney-Tokyo =ground broken. Paradise Lake in New Concord Ohio to open May 22. Circus World in Florida is rethemed. Opryland Tennessee latest. Carousel of Osh-Kosh +rides for sale. Old Chicago’s rides for sale. NAPHA latest. Please write. Join NAPHA now. [Back cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach map of 1978].

[Magazine Vol.3/No.2: March-April 1981. 22x28cm − 6 Pages − 7 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Riverview Park / Fox River Park in Aurora Illinois. “Riverview Park / Fox River Park” book now available. Six Flags Over Mid-America to debut Jet Scream. Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Monster Plantation” boat ride to open. Nathan’s Chicago? Cedar Point’s “Ocean Motion” and Six Flags Over Texas’ “Conquistador” swinging ships to debut. Dogpatch for auction. 180-acre Texas Country USA for Waco. Zoo Amusement Park renovations. Canadian National Exhibition overhaul pending. Mini theme park for Alabama State Fairgrounds. Action Park’s new attractions for 1981. Conventions’ news. Kings Island’s “Bat” press day. Belmont Park’s Earthquake roller coaster suffers two fires. Arnolds Park in Iowa is for sale. North Carolina’s Land of Oz not opening summer 1981. [Back cover: Final touches being put to Marriott’s Great America’s “American Eagle” roller coaster].

[Magazine Vol.3/No.3: May-June 1981. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 6 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Palisades Amusement Park’s history (Bergen Traction Co, Nicholas and Joseph Schenck, Jack and Irving Rosenthal +all the park’s key rides, events, promotions and personalities. Also includes a park map picturing the locations of 71 rides and attractions). NAPHA convention 1981 report. Marriott’s Great America’s American Eagle modifications. Little England (Florida) to open summer 1982. Disney Park for New York City? Marriott’s Great America season passes trialed. Libertyland’s new bumper boats. Carowinds to get river rapids. Dorney Park to get flume. Kings Dominion’s wooden roller coaster for 1982. Virginia Parks A.P.C.A convention report.

[Magazine Vol.3/No.4: July-August 1981. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 7 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: George Washington Gale Ferris’ Giant Wheel (1893 Columbian Exposition debut >>> the scrapping of Ferris’ original wheel). Carowinds’ expansion program. 294-acre Little England (Florida) latest. MCA Inc to open entertainment complex in 1981. Flashback: Grizzly River Rampage and Gondola Carousel at Opryland, Old House at Miracle Strip, Shady Rest Hotel at Petticoat Junction, the Bat at Kings Island, and others. Taft Broadcasting pledge continued ownership and development of Coney Island Cincinnati +future plans. Funway Amusement Park roller coaster for sale. National Carousel Association convention. Million Dollar Pier to close +other news. Members’ comments concerning a recent spate of roller coaster incidents and fatalities. [Back cover: Artist’s impression of Carowinds’ 1982 river ride].

[Magazine Vol.3/No.5: September-October 1981. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 8 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Kansas City’s Ghost of Summers Past: +Fairyland’s history including the Sky Rocket and Wildcat wooden roller coasters. Coney Island the once extravaganza of New York now shrunken and threatened with decay. Worlds of Fun’s 8 most popular rides of 1980. Rocky Springs’ auction. Disneyland’s Fantasyland due for major overhaul? Other News. Detroit Parks − NAPHA says goodbye to 54-year-old Edgewater Park and their Big Beast, Schiff Wild Mouse, Fun House, etc. (auction planned). Walt Disney World Tencennial 1971-1981. Progress on the EPCOT Center continues. Recollections of Chicago’s Riverview Park Carousel [1904-1967 at Riverview Park. And at Six Flags Over Georgia until 1981]. Bally Manufacturing Corp’ plan to acquire Six Flags +a report.

[Magazine Vol.3/No.6: November-December 1981. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 5 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Riverview Park Silver Flash roller coaster lives. Chicago’s Riverview Park − various roller coaster trains’ history (until 1981). Cedar Point’s White Water Landing for 1982. A World we never see – Disney World’s tunnels tour. Adventure Kingdom theme park preview day. Mysterious Mansion in Tennessee is now open all year. Correction concerning Chicago’s Riverview Park Carousel (from previous issue). Little England proposed for Florida = postponed indefinitely. Paradise Lake Amusement Park’s first full season 1981. Busch Gardens’ Congo River construction. Moxahala Amusement Park auctioned. Walter Knott in Memoriam. “Kennywood Park” a new book by Charles J. Jacques. Space World Amusement Park proposed for Detroit = fails to take off. Other news. [Back cover: Artist’s impression of Cedar Point’s White Water Landing].

[Magazine Vol.4/No.1: January-February 1982. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: English treasures =Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Botton Bros. Coney Beach in Porthcawl, Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth, Pleasureland in Southport, Morecambe Pleasure Park, and Dreamland in Margate. Manchester’s Belle Vue return – hopes dashed. Togo-Japan / Togo to debut rides in America. Parks on drawing boards: Parque Interama for Buenos Aires, Entertainment City for Kuwait, Land of Fun for Ecuador, Pacifica for Hawaii, Marco’s Pier 63 for the USA, British Disneyland for Corby UK, Old Copenhagen for Louisiana?, Sugartree for Virginia?, and Seven Continents for Oklahoma? Yesteryear = news from January-March 1903. In Memoriam – Fred Moran, family owner of Coney Island’s Thunderbolt. Darien Lake to debut Arrow-Huss Boomerang in 1982. NewsFlash. [Back cover: a period poster advertising that Manchester’s Belle Vue Bobs roller coaster is for sale].

[Magazine Vol.4 /No.2: March-April 1982. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − 8 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Exposition Park in Illinois +the “Flyer” roller coaster. Knoxville World’s Fair of 1982. New Orleans World’s Fair (1984) President Ronald Reagan invites the world. Margate’s Dreamland Park follow-up +Bembom Company makes changes and Looping Star roller coaster planned. Kings Dominion’s “Grizzly” roller coaster is set for March 27th debut. Geoffrey Thompson purchases Magic Harbor in South Carolina. New park news – Calaway Park in Canada. World’s first total freefall ride opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain in May. Yesteryear / news from spring 1925. NAPHA conference 1982. New books: “Revere Beach” by Peter McCauley, “Sunnyside” by Mike Filey, and “Kennywood” by Charles J. Jacques Jr. NAPHA discounts. NewsFlash. Tom Kohout / NAPHA vice-president’s notes. NAPHA’s trips and 1982 show program. [Back cover: Exposition Park’s “Flyer” roller coaster].

[Magazine Vol.4/No.3: May-June 1982. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Opryland’s “Rolling Gondola” carousel. Backward coastin’ with Southport Pleasureland’s “Cyclone” and King Island’s “Racer”. Six Flags Atlanta: Georgia’s Thunder River facts. Amusement park endurance world records: (Ferris wheel =37 days. Merry-go-round =313 hours. Roller coaster =368 hours). The new Fantasyland at Disneyland. Chippewa Lake Park’s Airplane Swing, Train and “Bug”(?) to go to Paradise Lake Ohio. Conneaut Lake Park’s “Blue Streak” colour change and news. “Memories of the way we were at Ontario Beach Park New York” (photos: Looping The Gap in 1906, Aerial view in 1909, Entrance in 1912 and Virginia Reel in 1916). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Texas Cliffhanger is open. Yesteryear / news from the fall of 1960. NewsFlash. Congo River Rapids at Busch Gardens Tampa. [Back cover: “Navigating the Congo River Rapids”].

[Magazine Vol.4/No.4: July-August 1982. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The Save the Coaster Committee, Inc. to try and save the Mission Beach / Belmont Park “Earthquake” roller coaster. NAPHA’s ’82 trip report. Cincinnati’s Coney Island (book pending authored by Steve Hill). “Memories of the way we were at Rock Springs Park West Virginia” (photos: Scenic Railway in 1908, Chutes in 1911, Scenic Railway in 1912 and the Midway in 1917). Six Flags Over Mid-America Coastin’ including the River King Mine Train, Screamin’ Eagle and Jet Scream). Springlake Fun Park 1927-1982. Cascade Park’s Comet doomed? [Back cover: Guests experience “Screamin’ Eagle” at Six Flags Over Mid-America]. (Includes a ninth page of “NewsFlash” detailing an additional 14 stories).

[Magazine Vol.4/No.5: September-October 1982. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − 12 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Trout Park (Elgin, Illinois) 1835-1982…; Holiday Park’s Super Wirbel 384-hour endurance world record with Richard Rodriguez. House on the Rock / Wisconsin Carousel. Christmas at Kings Island Ohio. EPCOT Center full report. “Memories of the way we were at Venice California” (photos: Scenic Railway in 1910 and 1917, Big Dipper in 1922, and the Midway in 1928). Valleyfair! 1976-1982…; Save the Coaster Committee says “Thank you”. The Canadian National Exhibition’s Derby Racer. NewsFlash − 6 news stories. Yesteryear / news from the fall of 1969. Six Flags Over Texas’ Riverboat ride retired after 21 years / Roaring Rapids announced. [Back cover: Aerial view showing Six Flags Over Texas’ Roaring Rapids location].

[Magazine Vol.4/No.6: November-December 1982. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Coney Island New York lives on. Marine World’s expansion – Arrow/Huss roller coaster and other rides planned. AstroWorld’s SkyScreamer is opening soon. “Memories of the way we were at Coney Island New York” (photos: Tickler in 1911, Shoot-The-Chutes in 1912, Witching Waves in 1915, and Dragon Gorge in 1917). Rye Playland – Marriott’s contract won’t be renewed. Yesteryear / news from the spring of 1969. NewsFlash − 29 news stories (Bob-Lo Island’s financial woes, Olympic Park auctioned, More freefall rides imminent, 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair’s rides for sale, Funtown Park auctioned, etc.). [Back cover: Photos of AstroWorld’s “SkyScreamer” the 128ft/55mph freefall opening in April 1983].

[Magazine Vol.5/No.1: January-February 1983. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A vanishing breed – England’s wooden roller coasters (Belle Vue “Bobs” -1970. Battersea “Big Dipper” -1972. Kursaal “Scenic Railway” and “Cyclone Racer,” Clacton “Steel Stella,” Barry Island “Scenic Railway,” Seaburn’s Ocean Park “Figure Eight” (all 1973). Onchan Head “Roller Coaster” -1974. Wonderland “New Dips,” Dreamland “Roller Coaster” (both 1975). Felixstowe “Thriller” -1976. Belle Vue “Scenic Railway” -1978. Coney Beach “Figure-Eight” -1982). The UK’s remaining wooden roller coasters list and details. New English parks? Alton Towers latest. “Memories of the way we were in England” (photos: Topsy Turvey in 1905, Hiram Maxim’s Flying Machine in 1906, Flip Flap in 1908, Wiggle Woggle in 1910). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s owner, William Geoffrey Thompson, explains why their Virginia Reel was removed. New Indy Park! Yesteryear / news from January/February 1905. NewsFlash. [Back cover: Alton Towers’ map].

[Magazine Vol.5/No.2: March-April 1983. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Massachusetts’ Riverside Park +Cyclone roller coaster revised(?). Winter at Six Flags Over Texas. Dandilion Park and the Tailspin roller coaster stands idle. Wooden roller coasters the future(?). Missouri’s Turn-of-the-Century Carousel restoration. Tokyo – Disney. “Memories of the way we were at Olentangy Park Ohio” (photos: Figure 8 in 1908, Whirlwind Coaster in 1914, Shoot-The-Chutes in 1915 and Looping-The-Loop in 1917). Ohio’s Chippewa Lake Park today. Abandoned Old Chicago mall. Busch Gardens The Old Country “Da Vinci’s Cradle” ride. Hotel Conneaut. Yesteryear / news from May-July 1915. Postcard collectors. Rides’ auction. NewsFlash − 14 news stories (+Ranger and Ben Hur rides are new at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Kennywood buys Idlewild, etc.). [Back cover: Winter at Six Flags Over Texas -Roaring Rapids and children’s section construction, Shock Wave cars rebuilt and Carrousel horse painting].

[Magazine Vol.5/No.3: May-June 1983. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − 16 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Dandilion Park revisited 1861-1983 (including their “Tailspin” wooden roller coaster). NAPHA – Six Flags St Louis a personal view +convention report. Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Thunder River. “Memories of the way we were at West View Park in Pittsburgh” (photos: Entrance in 1915, Mystic Chutes in 1916, “Dip The Dips” in 1918 and during the 1940s). Riverside Cyclone construction progressing in Massachusetts. Boblo Island Amusement Park is taken over. Indiana Beach park/rides’ reports. NAPHA conference 1983 at Hillside in Illinois. Yesteryear / news from June/July 1904. NewsFlash − 11 headlines and stories. [Back cover: Members enjoy exclusive ride time on “Screamin’ Eagle” at Six Flags St Louis]. (This issue includes an extra “NewsFlash” page featuring an additional 22 headlines and stories).

[Magazine Vol.5/No.4: July-August 1983. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Utah’s Saltair Resort 1896-1982 including the Giant Saltair Racer. Riverside Cyclone ride report. Marriott’s Great America for sale? Six Flags Atlanta − a capsule history 1967-1983. Marineland’s Dragon Mountain is the world’s largest steel roller coaster. Dragon Mountain’s background. “Memories of the way we were at Lakeside Park in Denver” (photos: Illuminated tower in 1909, The Chutes and promenade in 1910, The Tickler in 1916, and Derby Racing Coaster in 1919). Carowinds’ park/rides report 1971-construction to 1982…; Yesteryear / news from January/February 1906. Save Mission Beach’s “Giant Coaster”. NewsFlash − 20 news headlines and stories. [Back cover: Artist’s impression of Marineland’s Dragon Mountain roller coaster].

[Magazine Vol.5/No.5: September-October 1983. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − 16 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s White City 1905−. Darien Lake New York. Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition fairgrounds included in $300m renovation plans. Dorney Park fire (Bucket O Blood, Flying Bobs, Carousel, Cuddle-Up, etc. damaged or destroyed). Six Flags Great Adventure’s Parachuter’s Perch freefall ride adds to park’s appeal. “Memories of the way we were at White City Chicago” (photos: Fire show and Chute-the-Chutes in 1905, Ornate park entrance in 1910, Racer roller coaster in 1911, Chute’s pond, Devil’s Gorge and Racing Coaster in 1912). Bell’s Amusement Park 1951− +Phantasmagoria dark ride and the Zingo roller coaster. Hersheypark’s annual carousel fair held. NewsFlash − 25 news headlines and stories. News from January-March 1924. [Back cover: Darien Lake’s Viper negotiates the 360° vertical loop].

[Magazine Vol.5/No.6: November-December 1983. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Pennsylvania’s Rocky Glen Park 1905-1983…; Autoworld in Michigan opening 4 July 1984 +full report and schematic plans. Pioneer Village’s steam Carousel. Holidays at the parks. Worlds of Fun’s “Fury of the Nile” 1984 raft ride preview. “Memories of the way we were at Old Orchard Beach Maine” (photos: Jack Rabbit in 1925, Caterpillar in 1926, Noah’s Ark and Merry-Go-Round in 1929, and Cyclone roller coaster in 1938). News from the summer of 1969 (including- Fontaine Ferry Park to close, Euclid Beach Park to relocate, Marco Polo Park coming to Florida in 1970, Palisades Park celebrates its best one-day earnings). NewsFlash − 26 news items. [Back cover: Aerial view of Cincinnati’s Coney Island. Crystal Beach’s Magic Palace. Lake Ponchartrain’s Rajin Cajun. Jacob Plarr’s Carousel at Dorney Park].

[Magazine Vol.6/No.1: January-February 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 17 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: European parks facts (+Tivoli Gardens, Bakken, Pleasurewood Hills, New Brighton, Wonder World in Corby, Gorky Park, Helters Limited in Southport, Bembom’s Dreamland, Gröna Lund, Whitley Bay, Liseberg, Manning’s in Felixstowe, Morecambe Pleasure Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Drayton Manor Park, Holiday Park, Phantasialand and Wicksteed Park). “Memories of the way we were in Jacksonville Florida” (photos: Dixie-Land Park in 1904, Ocean View Park in the 1930s and in 1949, and Ferris wheel in 1950). NAPHA-Circus World celebrate 100 years of coastin’. Michigan’s Boblo Island renovations planned. Six Flags Over Texas’ Air Racer. Kings Dominion’s Berserker. Great America in California is sold for $101m. Great America’s (Illinois) White Water Rampage. News from September/November 1914. NewsFlash − 40 news stories. [Front cover: Circus World’s Roaring Tiger roller coaster. Back cover: Bembom’s Dreamland map].

[Magazine Vol.6/No.2: March-April 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 14 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: La Marcus Adna Thompson − father of America’s roller coasters. Fire tragedy hits 90-year-old Idora Park in Ohio. Big Bad Wolf lurks at Busch Gardens the Old Country. Great America Illinois sold to Bally for $114.5m. King Cobra at Kings Island. “Memories of the way we were – La Marcus Adna Thompson’s Scenic Railways” (photos: Scenic Railway in Blackpool 1908, Electric Scenic Railway in New York 1909, Mountain Scenic Railway in Massachusetts 1910, and Dragon Gorge Scenic Railway in California 1913). The Dark Continent celebrates 25th anniversary. Disney for Europe. News from the spring of 1910. Amusement Park Club International at Dorney Park. NewsFlash − 42 headlines and stories. [Front cover: Switchback Railway at Coney Island in New York. Back cover: Artist’s impression of Busch Gardens’ Big Bad Wolf].

[Magazine Vol.6/No.3: May-June 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: World’s Fairs and Expositions. “Memories of the way we were in Texas” (photos: San Antonio’s Electric Park in 1911, Corpus Christi’s North Beach Park in 1936, Aerial view of amusement park on Lake Worth in 1941, and an Aerial view of Port Arthur’s Pleasure Pier in 1947). NAPHA trip report from burned-out Idora Park. Ride safety (following recent tragedies). Mini Disneylands? +other Disney news. Dark roller coaster rides (+Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Space Invader, Alton Towers’ Black Hole and Thorpe Park’s Space Station Zero). Old Chicago news. Chicagoland’s loop Zyklon. Yesteryear / headlines from 1926. Flying Turns (Opryland, and Six Flags Magic Mountain’s new Flying Turns +where were the old Flying Turns rides located?). NewsFlash − 16 headlines and stories. [Front cover: 1933 Chicago World’s Fair’s Cyclone Safety Coaster. Back cover: Chicago’s Riverview Park’s Flying Turns, Lindy Loop, Bozo and Hey-Dey in 1933].

[Magazine Vol.6/No.4: July-August 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Pennsylvania’s Rocky Springs Park a history +auction. Century of Progress +Safety Coaster and miniature railroads. Virginia Reels +the new Virginia Reel. Six Flags Great America’s 1985 − new roller coaster rumoured. Asbury Park’s Palace Amusements is in danger. Kentucky’s Beech Bend Park is auctioned. Bertrand Island Park to be developed. “Memories of the way we were at Rocky Point Rhode Island” (photos: Mountain Scenic Railway in 1912, Looff Ferris Wheel in 1914, Midway and Carousel building in 1916, and the Whip in the 1940s). Boomerang flat rides – last one at Asbury Park. Mill Chutes – four left. Elephant Hotel 1881 +Lucy the Margate New Jersey Elephant. Headlines from July 1917. Flying Turns and Disneyland Alumni Club. NewsFlash − 7 news stories including a spate of incidents. [Front cover: Rocky Springs’ Wildcat roller coaster. Back cover: Busch Gardens’ Big Bad Wolf].

[Magazine Vol.6/No.5: September-October 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Montanha Russa – a Russian ice slide existing until the late 1930s +1984 is the year of the roller coaster. Minnesota State Fair’s several unique permanent rides +100th anniversary. Minnesota’s Como Park. Libertyland – a look at one of the South’s favourite parks. “Memories of the way we were at Ocean Park in California” (photos: The Grand Canyon third rail electric railway in 1911, Dragon Gorge in 1915, Crooked House walk-thru in 1916 and the High Boy roller coaster in 1936). Parks auctioned (+Hanson’s Park in Pennsylvania, Dispensa’s Kiddie Kingdom in Illinois, Idora Park in Ohio, etc.). Boblo Island Park sees attendance rise. Agawam Cyclone covered? Coney Island New York. Yesteryear / headlines from the fall of 1926. Cedar Point’s Avalanche Run new for 1985. NewsFlash − 21 news stories. [Front cover: Artist’s impression of Montanha Russa. Back cover: Six Flags Great Adventure’s “Bobsled”].

[Magazine Vol.6/No.6: November-December 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 12 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Crystal Beach Carousel is auctioned. Six Flags Great America’s Intamin “Space Diver” is new for 1985. Spillman Hey-Day rides. Log flume at Funtown Pier at Seaside Park New Jersey. Ice slide at Palisades Park. “Memories of the way we were at Dorney Park +centenary celebrations” (photos of: Coaster entrance in 1911, Boating lake +coaster in 1912, ‘Alfundo’ entrance in the 1960s, and Rockets / Mill Chute / train / boats in the 1970s). Pennsylvania’s Bushkill Park 1902-1984…; Headlines from the winter of 1915. Purchase of Marriott’s Great America is deemed illegal. Members’ feedback. Dorney Park announces Wildwater Kingdom. Dayton Fun House Mfg. Co “Bicycle Ride.” NewsFlash − 28 news stories. [Front cover. Aerial view of Dorney Park. Back cover: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Beach and Cocoanut Grove].

[Magazine Vol.7/No.1: January-February 1985. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens is 142 years old…; Blackpool Pleasure Beach news. Cuba’s Parque Coney Isla. Bembom Bros. improvements to Margate’s Dreamland. Thorpe Park’s facelift. De Efteling’s River Rapids. Kuwait’s Entertainment City. Southport’s Cyclone fire. Expo ’85 held in Japan. “Memories of the way we were at Wonderland Park Wisconsin” (photos: Main Entrance in 1906, Bump-The-Bumps in 1906, Wonderland in 1907, and the Scenic Railway in 1908). Austria’s Prater Park. Hugo Haase’s Dip Schlange. Disney’s (Florida) Moroccan Village. Knoebels’ Rocket roller coaster. Idora Park’s Wildcat donated / Patrick Duffy in memoriam. Circus World artefacts’ auction. Worlds of Fun’s Haunted Theatre. Headlines from 1907. Cedar Point’s winter work and maintennce. NewsFlash − 17 news stories. [Front cover: Tivoli Gardens’ “Rutschbane Galop” 1843. Back cover: Tivoli Gardens’ Map].

[Magazine Vol.7/No.2: March-April 1985. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 17 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Steeplechase Ride at Pirate’s World in Florida. West End / Steeplechase Park in New York. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s modern Steeplechase ride. National Amusement Device oscillating roller coaster cars – bring them back. Petticoat Junction auction. Worlds of Fun’s Haunted Theatre. “Memories of the way we were at Steeplechase Park New York” (photos: Fire in 1908, “Uncle Sam” swinging ship in 1910, Old Mill in the 1940s, and the Flying Turns in 1943). Coney Island Cincinnati improvements. Boblo Island Corkscrew new for 1985. NAPHA conference 1985 report. Maine’s Bear Pond Park. Yesteryear / headlines from autumn 1935. Six Flags Great America’s Z Force facts. La Montana Rusa – Mexico City’s Giant Racer. Cedar Point’s new Avalanche Run bobsled. NewsFlash − 22 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Grand National Steeplechase Ride at Pirate’s World in Florida during the 1970s. Back cover: Aerial view of Coney Island and boardwalk in 1957].

[Magazine Vol.7/No.3: May-June 1985. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Kiddielands – where have they all gone? (a 5-page feature). “Memories of the way we were” (4 photos of NAPHA’s 1985 convention). Convention 1985 report from Cedar Point. La Ronde’s “The Monster” construction report. Knoebels’ Phoenix a rebirth. Cincinnati Ohio area parks (+Americana, Fantasy Farm, Playland, Coney Island, Stricker’s Grove…). Historic Amusement Foundation news. Conneaut Lake Park escapes tornado (weather phenomenon). Yesteryear / headlines from the winter of 1908. Classified advertisements to debut next issue. NewsFlash − 24 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Members in front of Cedar Point’s Blue Streak roller coaster. Back cover: Knoebels’ Phoenix construction].

[Magazine Vol.7/No.4: July-August 1985. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: State Fair of Texas and a look at its past 1852-1980…). Minnesota State Fair White Water Raft Ride added to the old fairgrounds. La Ronde’s Le Monstre roller coaster. “Memories of the way we were featuring State Fair midways” (photos: Oklahoma State Fair in 1912, Giant Coaster at State Fair of South Dakota in 1915, Wheeling West Virginia State Park in 1928, State Fairgrounds and Pippin Coaster Memphis Tennessee in 1932). Z Force − a look at Six Flags Great America’s new Intamin Space Diver roller coaster. Indiana’s Middle Country opens its doors. Tuscora Park report. Idlewild Park +their merry-go-round upkeep. Yesteryear / headlines from the winter of 1936. Classified advertisements / items wanted. NewsFlash − 29 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Le Monstre roller coaster at La Ronde. Back cover: Aerial view of Le Monstre].

[Magazine Vol.7/No.5: September-October 1985. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Disneyland is 30 years old – a look at the past and into the future. Canada’s West Edmonton Mall includes amusements and a roller coaster. Astro Base Alpha – Sellner Manufacturing introduces a new ride-game. “Memories of the way we were at Cedar Point in Ohio” (photos: The Racer roller coaster in 1908, Witching Waves in 1912, Rocket Airplane and Ferris Wheel in the 1950s, four-abreast carousel and unique chariot ticket booth in the 1960s). New $1.5b Minnesota mega mall. Busch Gardens The Old Country in Virginia celebrates 10 years. Ella’s Carousel in Madison, Wisconsin. Indiana Jones’ movie insight. Yesteryear / headlines from 1902. Classified advertisements / items wanted. NewsFlash − 20 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Togo’s Ultra Twister. Back cover: Advertisement − Mack Bob-Sled “The Most Exciting Down-Hill Race Ever!”].

[Magazine Vol.7/No.6: November-December 1985. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 16 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Remembering Central Park in Pennsylvania 1892-1951. Cedar Point’s Thunder Canyon 1986 rafting addition. Old Chicago – the final chapter? Kansas’ new Emerald City theme park. Modern Virginia Reel – a look at the Arrow/Huss fact sheet. Paragon Park’s 1928 PTC Carousel auction news. “Memories of the way we were featuring Paragon Park in Massachusetts” (photos: Green Streak in the 1900s, Giant Coaster and Old Mill in 1919, Witching Waves in 1922, and Giant Coaster +helix in the 1930s). IAAPA elections. Miki Le Mouse – Disney goes to Paris. High-tech gadgets. Cagney Bros. New York miniature steam trains. Yesteryear / headlines from May 1924. Classified advertisements / items wanted. NewsFlash − 23 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Central Park’s Toboggan Chute – Sleigh Ride. Back cover: Advertisement − Togo Japan, Inc. Ultra Twister].

[Magazine Vol.8/No.1: 1986. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 19 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Global review of international amusement parks (including: Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Thailand and Saudi Arabia). World’s tallest roller coaster for Sweden’s Liseberg in 1987. “Memories of the way we were featuring worldwide Luna Parks” (photos: Italy/Scenic Railway, France/Water Chute, Japan/Auto Skooters, and Germany/Scenic Railway − all 1900). Exchange Club Park’s Carousel is auctioned. Members’ survey results. Historic Amusement Foundation (HAF) update. Opryland donates Carousel (rolling gondolas to be preserved by HAF). Yesteryear / attractions “for sale” in April 1963. Kentucky Kingdom − new park and details released. NewsFlash − 15 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Aerial view of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Back cover: Map of the Tent Recreation Center (10 years and under children’s park in Saudi Arabia)].

[Magazine Vol.8/No.2: 1986. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: “Chutes Park” − Chicago’s first amusement park 1894-1908. Cedar Point renovates the Frontiertown Carousel. President Ronald Reagan / Cyclone (Government proposal: liability awards limit). Baylor Beach report. NAPHA conference wrap-up. New roller coaster at Kings Island. Cagney Bros. miniature trains update. “Memories of the way we were at the “Pike” Long Beach California” (photos: Kiddie Coaster, double Ferris wheel, Laff-in-the-Dark, and the Cyclone Racer − all 1950s). Disney Chicago? Save the Belmont Park Giant Dipper. Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Colossus Giant Wheel. Great America’s Splashwater Falls. Yesteryear (photos: Arnolds Park’s Thriller, Boblo Island’s Carousel, and Coney Island New York’s Giant Coaster). NewsFlash − 53 news stories. [Front cover: Aerial view of Arnolds Park. Back cover: Arabian Nights Tunnel of Love at Palisades Park in New Jersey].

[Magazine Vol.8/No.3: 1986. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 13 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lakeside Park’s Cyclone roller coaster 1948-1974…; NAPHA-Adventureland the ’86 convention in Iowa. Disney in Chicago Town? The Sellner “Swooper” ride − are there any left? “Memories of the way we were at Electric Park in Detroit Michigan” (photos: Roller Coaster, House That Jack Built and Circle Swing in 1906, “Inferno” castle walk-thru in 1906, Scenic Railway, Helter Skelter and “Nemo” castle funhouse in 1907, and Park Entrance in 1908). Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Screamin’ Eagle celebrates tenth anniversary. Yesteryear (photos: Kentucky Thoroughbred Racing Coaster at Rye Beach in New York, Texas State Fairgrounds in Dallas, and The Devil’s Slide and Hades at Chutes Park in San Francisco, California). NewsFlash − 9 news stories including the West Edmonton Mall’s Mindbender accident and Rockaway Park New York is closed! [Front cover: Kentucky Thoroughbred Racing Coaster at Rye Beach, New York. Back cover: Hudson, New York Carousel].

[Magazine Vol.8/No.4&5: 1986. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Introduction by Tom Kohout. Amusement park chronology 1583= Bakken in Denmark. 1650= Russian ice slides. 1661= Vauxhall Gardens and Montgolfier Brothers in London. 1700s= Pleasure wheels and “roller” coasters. 1816= Russian mountains in Paris. 1817= Promenade Aeriennes in Paris. 1843= Tivoli Gardens in Denmark. 1844= Mauch Chunk. 1846= Lake Compounce. 1847= Rocky Point Rhode Island. 1848= Frascati Gardens’ looping roller coaster in Paris. 1850= Prater Park in Austria. 1870s= Mauch Chunk takes passengers, etc. 1873= Vienna World’s Fair. 1884= Switchback Gravity Pleasure Railway. 1889= Sea Lion Park in New York. 1893= Chicago’s Columbian Exposition. 1897= Steeplechase Park New York. 1900= Eli Bridge Wheel. [up to >>>] 1986 …and beyond! Prolific roller coaster designers, carousel designers and builders list. Acknowledgements. [Back cover: National Amusement Park Historical Association / NAPHA Established 1978].

[Magazine Vol.8/No.6: 1986. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Wildcat’s epitaph – the demise of Cincinnati’s “Queen of Coney Island” 1926-1964. Boardwalk and Baseball is central Florida’s newest attraction. International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions / IAAPA Convention ’86 news (NAPHA attended, Intamin’s Olympia Looping roller coaster debuts, etc.). What is IAAPA? Disney-MGM the third gated attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida. The oldest wooden roller coasters in the US and Canada. Cedar Point’s Iron Dragon roller coaster − new ride for 1987. Norton auctions: Lakeview Park in Pennsylvania, Wild West World in South Dakota, Deer Forest Park in Michigan, Magic Waters Park / Frontierland in North Carolina, Encanto Kiddieland in Arizona, and Twin Lakes Amusement Park in Illinois. NewsFlash − 55 news stories. Joint NAPHA/Western New York Coaster Club convention ’87 planned. [Front cover: Aerial view of Cincinnati’s Coney Island in the 1960s. Back cover: Arrow’s new suspended roller coaster “Air Race”].

[Magazine Vol.9/No.1: 1987. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Clacton Pier − an English tradition 1866−. Cedar Point’s past and present roller coasters +Iron Wolf. Sweden’s Gröna Lund to rebuild the Lustiga Huset fun house. Disney’s Star Tours. NAPHA members’ survey results. Hollywood east / studios to offer tours. Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon. NewsFlash − 27 news headlines and stories (+Portopialand’s Bavarian Mountain Railroad, Morecambe Pleasure Park to be rethemed, Alton Towers announce Skyride, De Efteling to introduce Flying Island, Europa-Park announce Pirates of Batavia, Nagashima Spaland and the Looping Star accident, etc.). Upcoming events. [Front cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Big Dipper in 1924. Back cover: Flip-Flap and Spiral Railway at the Franco-British Exhibition London in 1908].

[Magazine Vol.9/No.2: 1987. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Ohio’s Chippewa Lake Park – a portrait of the past. Geauga Lake Park Carousel – a look at their Illions treasure. Historic Amusement Foundation news +an update on the new “Park of the Past” tentatively scheduled to open May 1991 in Morgantown, Indiana. Hastings Park in Vancouver − whose roller coaster operated at this Canadian park? Chance Rides, Inc. acquires manufacturing rights from Dave Bradley and Don Kaye +a history. Flying Turns − another Bartlett bob sled ride discovered at Playland at the Beach in San Francisco. TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 39 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Chippewa Lake Park’s Coaster in the 1960s. Back cover: Chicago’s Riverview Park “Jack Rabbit” advertisement circa 1914].

[Magazine Vol.9/No.3: 1987. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − 14 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Columbia Gardens’ contribution to amusement park history 1876-1973. NAPHA/Western New York Coaster Club Coasterfest ’87 report from Knoebels. Christopher Feucht’s “Drop the Dip” − Coney Island roller coaster 1907-1923…; Amusement Department Store fun galore at this 1920s New York novelty. NAPHA nostalgia show ’87. Ye Old Mill − another vintage ride still in operation at Hutchinson Kansas Fairgrounds. Diving Bells − the underwater amusement ride. Laff-in-the-Dark at Crystal Beach in Ontario Canada. Coney Island New York Chutes rides. TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 44 headlines and stories. [Front cover: Columbia Gardens in Butte, Montana. Back cover: NAPHA conventioneers’ group photo at Knoebels].

[Magazine Vol.9/No.4: 1987. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 12 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s carousels of the past and still operating today. Cedar Point’s record − 10.2m roller coaster rides given in 1987 with three weeks of the season still to go! Two “Tops”/“Spiral Wheel” roller coasters – similar rides / different locations (Luna Park in New York and Riverview Park in Chicago). Forest Park’s steam carousel. Canobie Lake Park − a brief historical view. Amazon Falls is Kings Island’s 1988 addition. New EPCOT Pavilion – Disney’s latest magic (“Body Wars” human life and health exhibit). Chain-O-Rocks / Chain of Rocks Amusement Park in St. Louis Missouri. TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 15 news headlines and stories. Update +extra news. [Front cover: Chicago’s Riverview Park “Top” roller coaster. Back cover: The splashdown on Kings Island’s Amazon Falls, opening spring 1988].

[Magazine Vol.9/No.5: 1987. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − 13 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lagoon Park’s 100 years of entertainment. Geauga-Bobs reborn – 1988 will see the return of a classic design. Euro Disney in Paris to open in 1988 +News. Vollmar’s Park is a traditional picnic park. Historical Amusement Foundation (HAF) update regarding Idora Park and assistance needed to remove roller coasters. Boyertown U.S.A for sale. TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 47 news stories including Mountain Park in Massachusetts for sale, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Mack bobsled for 1988, Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Soap Box Derby Racer” considered removal, etc. [Front cover: Lagoon Park’s carousel. Back cover: AstroWorld’s ride operators wearing Halloween costumes].

[Magazine Vol.9/No.6: 1987. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Harlem Park memories. Disney utilidors − a report on the underground system at Walt Disney World. Mack confirms that their European portable Flying Turns operated in the 1950s. Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers − a golden era preserved. Cedar Point trivia − 26 fun facts. Columbian Park in Lafayette, Indiana. Historical Amusement Foundation (HAF) update – Idora Park’s roller coasters to be moved. Three antique carousels for sale (including: Jimmy Johnson’s Playland Park in Texas, and Bell’s Amusement Park in Oklahoma). TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 22 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Europa-Park’s Bobsled. Back cover: Bugs Bunny reviews the construction of Six Flags Great America’s “Shock Wave” roller coaster].

[Magazine Vol.10/No.1: 1988. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − 20 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA celebrates its tenth anniversary 1978-1988. International parks (including: Bakken in Denmark is over 400 years old and still counting, Drievliet in the Netherlands is the golden place for the young and old). Amusement parks of Denmark (including: Tivoli Gardens, Legoland, Tivoliland and Fårup Sommerland). Australia’s Luna Parks in Sydney and Melbourne. Australia’s other parks (including: Australia’s Wonderland, Nobby Beach’s Magic Mountain, Dreamworld, Sea World, Adventureland, and Bibra Lakes Adventure World). Auction results / rides auctioned from Little Rock in Arkansas and San Antonio in Texas. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 44 news headlines and stories. Events / Movie slide conference and NAPHA convention ’88. [Front cover: Bakken’s entrance. Back cover: Layout of Geauga Lake Park’s Raging Wolf Bobs].

[Magazine Vol.10/No.2: 1988. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − 16 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Geauga Lake Park a centennial history +Raging Wolf Bobs fact sheet. Libertyland is a patriotic experience. Working the Cedar Point C.P & L.E Railroad. EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion. Hersheypark’s Frontier Chute-Out +ride fact sheet. Kings Island’s top ten rides (1987 =33,283,159 rides taken). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Boyertown USA sold. Ticket round-robin Amusement Park Nostalgia Show report. Band organ rally +full page flyer. NewsFlash − 32 news headlines and stories (+Six Flags Great America’s “Shockwave”, Kings Island’s “Amazon Falls,” and Worlds of Fun’s “Python Plunge” fact sheets). [Front cover: Aerial view of Geauga Lake Park’s Raging Wolf Bobs. Back cover: Six Flags Over Mid-America’s new Huss Condor ride being transported onto a ship].

[Magazine Vol.10/No.3: 1988. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: AstroWorld is celebrating its 20th anniversary 1968-1988 +a history. Joint NAPHA and Western New York Coaster Club coasterfest ’88 at Marineland, Erie Beach and Crystal Beach Park. Aloha Park/Waikiki Park – remembering Hawaii’s past. Thumb Fun Park in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Avalanche bobsleigh is Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s latest thriller. Toshimaen Park is Japan’s “Crown Jewel” +the El Dorado Carousel. Joyland in Topeka, Kansas 1954-1988…; US postal service announces four carousel stamps. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 17 news headlines and stories (+Americana’s major fire, book released “The Incredible Scream Machine” by Robert Cartmell, Worlds of Fun’s Arrow Corkscrew is for sale, etc.). [Front cover: Toshimaen Park’s El Dorado Carousel. Back cover: Aerial view of Boardwalk and Baseball’s Baseball City].

[Magazine Vol.10/No.4: 1988. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The great European amusement parks #1 (member’s 20-day tour – UK: Lightwater Valley, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Frontierland Morecambe, Pleasureland Southport, Thursford Green Steam Museum, Botton Bros Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth, Bembom Bros Pleasureland in Margate, France: Parc d’Acclimatation, Austria: Prater Park, Hungary: Vidám Park). Six Flags Over Mid-America announce Jet Scream coaster for 1989. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Worlds of Fun’s Python Plunge wet/dry fun. Cedar Point announces Magnum XL-200 − the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster. Bay Beach Amusement Park in Wisconsin 1920-1988…; NewsFlash − 46 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Prater Park’s Hochschaubahn. Back cover: Halloween spirits descend on Six Flags Over Mid-America for Fright Nights].

[Magazine Vol.10/No.5: 1988. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The great European amusement parks #2 (member’s 20-day tour – Germany: Phantasialand, Holland: De Efteling, Denmark: Tivoli Gardens, Bakken, Sweden: Liseberg, Gröna Lund, Finland: Linnanmäki). Walt Disney World’s space-age safety. Bland’s Amusement Park in Tipton, Pennsylvania is on the upswing. Cedar Point’s round-the-clock maintenance. Roller coaster designer Ron Toomer and the Magnum XL-200. Kentucky’s Noble’s Funland final auction. AstroWorld’s ’88 attendance is 3% up. New York’s Coney Island Cyclone becomes a landmark. Water Works – Kings Island’s new attraction. Six Flags’ various parks = Huss Condor flies. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 17 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: A drawing of the Lisebergbanan roller coaster at Liseberg park in Sweden. Back cover: Train, lake and the Flying Island at De Efteling in the Netherlands].

[Magazine Vol.10/No.6: 1988. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lake Contrary in St Joseph, Missouri = an Ingersoll park for over 60 years. Worlds of Fun announces wooden roller coaster for 1989 +fact sheet. Mall of America in Minnesota – will it finally be built? NAPHA’s third annual survey results. Happy Hollow Park in San Jose, California is a trip to Arrow’s roots. Glen Echo Park Foundation +postcards and calendar. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Huss Condor. Minnesota State Fair carousel saved for $1.1m. River Rapids rides in North America +dates, names and locations. Chutes-the-Chutes in the US +dates, names and locations. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 25 news headlines and stories (including: Mountain Park seeks $25,000 for their Mountain Flyer wooden roller coaster, etc.). Photo potpourri. [Front cover: A Zierer roller coaster model. Back cover: Artist’s impression of Worlds of Fun’s new wooden roller coaster].

[Magazine Vol.11/No.1: 1989. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − 17 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The closing of New York’s Steeplechase Park − an insider’s view (8-page article includes George Cornelius Tilyou’s family history). Worlds of Fun’s Timber Wolf tops-out. Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200 +fact sheet. Six Flags Great America’s Skyhawk to launch 11 March 1989. Hecker Pass Park in Gilroy, California to open spring 1990. Mission Beach roller coaster update. NAPHA’s annual amusement park nostalgia show invitation. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 45 news headlines and stories. Photo potpourri. [Front cover: The entrance to New York’s Steeplechase Park. Back cover: Early 1960s view of Coney Island New York +Parachute Jump, Cyclone, Wonder Wheel, etc.].

[Magazine Vol.11/No.2: 1989. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − 17 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Remembering Michigan’s Walled Lake Park +the Flying Dragon. Kings Island’s Beast celebrates a decade of thrills +Beast fact sheet. Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park world premier 1 May 1989. NAPHA’s convention ’89 (box-out). Albion Boro Park’s carousel. New Steeplechase Park update. Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200. Opryland creates “Chaos”. California’s Universal Studios’ “Earthquake – The Big One” is open. Kings Island’s “WaterWorks” area and Carousel painting solution found. Tidal Wave for Six Flags Magic Mountain. Dallas’ Penny Whistle Park. Smart’s Amusement Park in Littlehampton, England. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 42 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Aerial view of Walled Lake Park in Michigan. Back cover: Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Ninja construction].

[Magazine Vol.11/No.3: 1989. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Worlds of Fun hosts NAPHA convention ’89. Disney’s new Typhoon Lagoon. Disneyland’s Splash Mountain is months behind schedule. Worlds of Fun’s Timber Wolf up-close. Arnolds Park saved from auction. Valleyfair!’s Excalibur +fact sheet. Conneaut Lake Park begins its 97th season. NAPHA’s annual amusement park nostalgia show (box-out). Upper Clements Park in Nova Scotia is opening 23 June 1989. $230m New Steeplechase Park gets the go-ahead. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Grand National, RollerCoaster and Revolution painted. Band organ flyer. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 45 news headlines and stories. Rolling Thunder is Six Flags Great America’s bobsled. Photo potpourri. [Front cover: Arnolds Park entrance. Back cover: Workers paint the double drop of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Grand National].

[Magazine Vol.11/No.4: 1989. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Southport Pleasureland is a classic English amusement park. Luna Park Melbourne is Australia’s golden charmer. Steeplechase Park and liability – how New York’s Coney Island of old handled injuries. Wonders of Life is EPCOT’s newest attraction to open in 1989. Cedar Point’s Blue Streak is 25-years-old! NAPHA survey update – send in your survey. Valleyfair! through the years and annual improvements. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 16 news headlines and stories. Photo potpourri of old-time amusements (Four photos: 1940s view of “Sunnyside” in Toronto, Chicago’s Riverview Park “The Smallest Train in the World” in the 1900s, Budd Lake New Jersey Carousel in the 1940s, and Venice Pier California in 1920). [Front cover: Elevated view of Pleasureland Southport. Back cover: Steeplechase Park’s Ferris wheel where each car is named after a major U.S. city].

[Magazine Vol.11/No.5: 1989. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Canada’s Crystal Beach Park − the end of an era. Find of the century! − a 4-abreast European steam carousel. NAPHA’s calendar of events 1990. Universal Studios Florida opening May 1990. England’s Chessington World of Adventures’ Vampire to fly. San Diego’s Giant Dipper gets council boost. Cedar Point announces Disaster Transport, etc. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Viper – the world’s largest looping roller coaster to open. Chute for goal! − BLAC Water Chute for Esselworld in India. World’s fastest roller coaster? − Guinness says it’s Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200. EPCOT hotel complex. “Flight Commander” blasts off at Kings Island in 1990. NAPHA survey results. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 56 news headlines and stories. Photo potpourri. [Front cover: Aerial view of Crystal Beach Park’s Comet. Back cover: Olympia Looping Bahn].

[Magazine Vol.11/No.6: 1989. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Illinois’ Watch Tower Park − back in time. Exploring the Pacific Northwest’s amusements. Boblo Island Park’s Illions carousel auction scheduled. IAAPA report ’89. Popular Science rates “Magnum XL-200”. Worlds of Fun = free season pass to members. Six Flags Over Texas’ Texas Giant fact sheet. The Great Escape Fun Park. Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s finest. Carousel museum for Sandusky Ohio. Disney hotels upgraded. Kentucky Kingdom’s new ride package =Boomerang, Pirate Ship, Breakdance, Carousel, etc.). Saker One Corporation’s “Space Probe II” set for take-off. New book published − carousel horse carving. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 26 news headlines and stories. NAPHA’s 1990 events schedule. [Front cover: Boblo Island Park’s carousel. Back cover: Six Flags Great America’s Iron Wolf is coming in 1990].