Submitting Articles for NAPHA Chronicle Magazine

Technical Requirements

Topic Selection

To avoid duplication  when submitting a work for consideration, review our past issues to see if the topic has already been covered (use the keystroke Ctrl-F). Past Magazine listings can be found here on 4 pages.

If a submitted work looks to be a duplicate of a topic we've covered in the past, we approach it in the following ways:

A follow-up piece (maybe it's been a couple decades since we covered the topic and it's time for an update) 

A different POV (maybe new information has come to light or significantly new details).

Content Length

Depending on the article or feature placement, length is to be determined by magazine staff.  While some works fit neatly as a two-page spread feature, some are more appropriately appointed for a full length, multi-page article.


Our goal is to pack as many images into each article and feature as possible. We believe this is instrumental in telling the entire story.  We ask that images meet the following requirements:

Copyright: We credit all images. If when writing an article you are using images that belong to someone other than yourself, please provide evidence of permission for use in the magazine. We often share a courtesy copy of the issue using the image to the image owner.

Clarity: Sharp, clear images help maintain the top quality of our publication. When scanning, please ensure images are scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi, at least 5 inches across, and saved in a Tiff format. If an image is chosen for use on an entire page, the file must be sized 8 1/2 x 11.  If you are new to this and would like more information about scanning, dpi (dots per inch) and sizing, please visit this external website.

File Naming Convention: To keep track of files, which for an issue of the magazine, there could be upwards of several hundred individual photos, we ask that all images are saved with the following in the file name:
1. article name, 2. image description, 3. photographer or image owner's name
Example: parkhop23-kennywoodracer-robertvilla.tiff

Talk to us! We'd love to hear your ideas.

To discuss or express interest in submitting an article, please contact us.