[Magazine Vol.32/No.1: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many colour photos, few B&W]. Chapter Points: New York’s Coney Island revitalization and blueprint (an 8-page report). A look back to 1960 (featuring news from Palisades Park in New Jersey, Jantzen Beach in Oregon, Excelsior Park in Minnesota, Coney Island in Ohio, Roseland Park in New York, LeSourdsville Lake Park in Ohio, etc.). Haunting memories (photos: Roseland Park’s “Gold Nugget” in 1982, and Lincoln Park’s “Pirate’s Den” in 1983). Roller coaster anniversaries. Flashback to 1980: Texas Cyclone at AstroWorld, Zephyr at Ponchartrain Beach, Big Dipper at Springlake Park, Orient Express at Worlds of Fun, Roller Coaster at Joyland, Zippin Pippin at Libertyland, Zingo at Bell’s Amusement Park, and Rocket at Playland in Texas. Chimes at New York’s Steeplechase Park − the Chime Tower. [Front cover: Visions for the revitalization of New York’s Coney Island. Back cover: Views of amusement park attractions from 1980].

[Magazine Vol.32/No.2: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Chicago Riverview Park’s Eye-Full Tower history. Virginia’s Buckroe Beach 1890s-1985. Amusement park news of 1980: Old Chicago closes, Kennywood’s Laser Loop opens, etc. New roller coasters for 1910 =Kennywood’s first racing coaster, Riverside in Indiana Derby Racer, and the Venice California Scenic Railway. Carousel centenaries: Euclid Beach Park in Ohio, and Balboa Park in California. Haunting memories (photos: New Jersey Fun City’s “Haunted Mansion” in 1983, and Indiana Beach’s “Mystery Mansion” in 1982). Looking back at the NAPHA / Cedar Point convention of 1985. Amusement industry of 1960: Pleasure Island in Massachusetts, Freedomland in New York, Fontaine Ferry Park in Kentucky, Bible Storyland in California, etc. Members’ letters. New York’s Coney Island in 1910. [Front cover: Aerial view of La Ronde’s Le Monstre. Back cover: ‘New Luna Park’ poster].

[Magazine Vol.32/No.3: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Georgia’s Lake Winnepesaukah turns 85-years-old (a 6-page feature). Haunting memories (photos: Lake Winnepesaukah’s “Mystic Mansion” and “Spelunker” rides in 1981. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Grand National is 75-years-old. Amusement park chronicle (including: Benit’s Amusement Park Thriller torn down in 1950, World in Wax in New York figures decapitated in 1961, Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Derby Racer receives Verbeeck organ in 1985, etc.). Sydney’s Luna Park 1935-2010…; New Jersey’s Palisades Park – a century ago. The amusement industry of 1985 (featuring: Knoebels’ Phoenix, Six Flags Great America’s Z-Force, Circus World’s Wiener Looping, etc.). Pittsburgh’s West View Park in 1940 and “Super” Edward A. Vettel. Members’ letters. Archives of the National Amusement Device Company. [Front cover: Lake Winnepesaukah’s Cannon Ball. Back cover: Lake Winnepesaukah’s Boat Chute].

[Magazine Vol.32/No.4: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: “Jungle” Coaster at the Guatemala National Fair in 1953. The Last Riverview Park Chutes’ boat. Joyland in Kansas. Chicago’s roller coasters a century ago: Forest Park, Riverview Park, and White City. Haunting memories (photos: New York World’s Fair and Salvador Dali’s “Dream of Venus” in 1939, and Chicago Railroad Fair’s “Haunted Fun House” in 1948/49). 1990 openings= Georgia Cyclone, Predator, Thunder Run, Texas Giant, and Iron Wolf. New York Steeplechase Park’s 1920s roller coasters (featuring: Mile High Chaser =1924, Thunderbolt =1925, Coaster/Zip =1925, Bobs =1926, and Limit =1926). NAPHA convention 1990. Teeter Coaster / Teeter Dip 1925-1990s… gone! Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: Maumee Kiddie Land in Ohio in 1951, and a National Amusement Device locomotive in 1952). [Front cover: Riverview Park’s Chutes. Back cover: Darien Lake’s Predator].

[Magazine Vol.32/No.5: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Special edition dedicated to “Playland at the Beach” in San Francisco, California. Early years: 1880s Ocean Beach Pavilion and the Gravity Railway, Charles I.D Looff, John Friedle, Chutes at the Beach, Figure 8, Shoot-the-Chutes, Bob Sled Dipper, Big Dipper, Bug House, Dodg-em, Ship-Ajoy, Noah’s Ark, The Frolic, Aeroplane Swing, Nut House, Topsy’s Roost, etc… George Kerr Whitney and Leo C. Whitney: “Playland at the Beach”, Dark Mystery, Limbo, Laffing Sal, Lindy Loop, Diving Bell, Fun House, Racing Derby, etc… Bartlett’s Rocket Speedway. Playland 1972 =the end. Playland’s demolition. Playland Not-At-The-Beach (Playland museum in El Cerrito, California). Playland at the Beach book authored by James R. Smith, and “Remembering Playland at the Beach” DVD are now available. [Front cover: Playland at the Beach’s Funhouse exterior. Back cover: Playland at the Beach’s 1972 demolition].

[Magazine Vol.32/No.6: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Paris’ Jardin d’Acclimatation celebrates 150 years 1860-2010…; New York’s Wonder Wheel turns 90-years-old (a 4-page special including similar wheels). Amusement park news 1935: Central Park in Pennsylvania, Palisades Park in New Jersey, Savin Rock in Connecticut, and Sandy Beach Park in Ohio all suffer fires, etc.). NAPHA convention at Dollywood and Santa’s Land Fun Park +report. Haunting memories (photos: Casino Pier’s “Doorway to Hell” in 1983, and The Enchanted Forest’s “Safari” in 1981). International Miniature Railway Company feature. Thunderbolt roller coaster and Coney Island New York photo gallery. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device headquarters’ party, NAD Laugh Land walk-thru, and a NAD kiddie coaster in 1950). [Front cover: New York’s Wonder Wheel in the 1960s. Back cover: Coney Island in Stereo / sleeve art 1958].

[Magazine Vol.33/No.1: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: New York’s Dreamland fire of 1911 (a 5-page feature). Carousel centennials: Fireman’s Park in Wisconsin, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California, and Pueblo City Park in Colorado. 1911 park openings: Revere Beach in Massachusetts, Ocean Park in California, East Lake Park in Alabama, Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island, Cook’s Electric Park in Indiana, and Willow Grove Park in Pennsylvania. News from 1951. Utah’s Lagoon Park 1896-2011… (a 4-page history). Haunting memories (photos: Herman’s Beach New Jersey “Haunted House” in 1983, and Riverside Park Massachusetts “Frankenstein’s Castle” in 1983). Phantasialand fire 2001 and two roller coasters lost. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: unidentified National Amusement Device roller coaster in 1957, Pony Ride at Doolan’s Green Oaks Kiddieland in Illinois, a Junior coaster at the Pike amusement park in California, etc. [Front cover: New York’s Dreamland Park entrance. Back cover: Dreamland’s “Fighting the Flames” image].

[Magazine Vol.33/No.2: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Magic City in Paris 1911: La Maison Diabolique, Scenic Railway, Dragon Gorge, Water Chute, Flying School suspended roller coaster, etc. Six Flags Over Texas is 50-years-old. Carousel anniversaries. Pete Logan an attraction builder. Remembering John August Miller 1874-1941. 1991 roller coasters. Haunting memories (photos: Paragon Park’s “Ghost Train” in 1978, and Lakeside Park’s “Haunted House” in 1985). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 1991 Funhouse fire remembered. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: Comet Jr. at an unknown location, National Amusement Device Factory bowling team, and the underside of a NAD Century Flyer locomotive. [Front cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ Astrolift and River Boat rides. Back cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ early car and train rides].

[Magazine Vol.33/No.3: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: New Jersey’s Palisades Park – the final years. Roller coaster openings of 1911. Looking back at Cedar Point 1966. Roller coaster anniversaries. Amusement park fires of 1911: Old Mill at Rockaway Beach in New York, Chutes Amusement Park in California, Old Mill at Olentangy Park in Ohio, Roller coaster at Electric Park in Detroit, etc. Looking back at Knoebels 2001. Haunting memories (photos: Clementon Park’s “Whacky Shack” in 1983, and Seabreeze Park’s “The Enchanter” in 1982). 90-year-old carousels. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device radial drill cutting tool, NAD Pony-trot horse, and a NAD Trackless train. [Front cover: Palisades Amusement Park and the Cyclone roller coaster. Back cover: 1960s bird’s-eye view of Cedar Point].

[Magazine Vol.33/No.4: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Martin’s Fantasy Island is celebrating 50 years of operation. Roller coaster anniversaries. 1981 Marriott’s Great America’s American Eagle opens. 1981 Michigan’s Edgewater Park’s Big Beast closes. Kennywood’s Noah’s Ark is 75-years-old. From amusements to defence work (WWII: Spillman Engineering, Lusse Bros., Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Eyerly, National Amusement Device, etc.). Haunting memories (photos: York’s Wild Kingdom’s “Haunted House” in 1983, and Palace Playland’s “Flight to Mars” in 1983). Remembering Harry Guy Traver 1877-1961. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: Mirror maze at Silver Beach in Michigan, Trackless train at LeSourdsville Lake in Ohio, Cleveland School National Amusement Device kiddie Ferris Wheel, etc. [Front cover: View from Martin’s Fantasy Island’s Silver Comet. Back cover: Martin’s Fantasy Island’s Silver Comet in silhouette].

[Magazine Vol.33/No.5: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Indiana Beach 1926-2011…; 1911 roller coaster openings. Six Flags Great America’s first Fright Fest of 1991. Carousels restored (a 3-page feature). Flashback to 1979 and a Halloween legend at Riverview Park in Iowa. Haunting memories (photos: Family Funways’ “Witches Castle” in 1992, and Forest Park’s “Pirate Ship” in 1981). 1911 accidents: Idora Park in Ohio, Coney Island in New York x3, West View Park in Pennsylvania, Pabst Park in Wisconsin, North Beach in New York, and Revere Beach in Massachusetts. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: John August Miller-designed one-stop loading / unloading station, Dayton Funhouse & Riding Device Company bumper car, and a John August Miller 1925 “Let It Splash” splash chute, etc.). [Front cover: Indiana Beach’s Hoosier Hurricane. Back cover: Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg].

[Magazine Vol.33/No.6: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: 1901 Pan-American Exposition inspires Coney Island (a 5-page feature). Carowinds’ 1923 PTC carousel. Roller coaster anniversaries. Disneyland’s …Mickey Mouse Club Circus (a 4-page history). Haunting memories (photos: Rocky Glen Park’s walk-thru / dark ride in 1983, and Lakeside Park Virginia “Flight Thru Space” in 1981). Space-age Rockaways’ Playland 1951: the “Tunnel of Love” is now “To Hell and Back” +the Big Horn Ranch, etc. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device’s concept for “The Orbiter” loop-the-loop roller coaster in 1965, and Granada Park in Detroit “The Chutes” 1920s, etc.). [Front cover: 1901 Pan-American Exposition’s “A Trip to the Moon” with Selenites. Back cover: “A Trip to the Moon” advertisement card].

[Magazine Vol.34/No.1: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: The Great American Racing Derby (patented in 1913 by Prior & Church, this 7-page feature details the ride and its worldwide variations). Musical sounds at the amusement park: Banda Rossa, Willard’s Temple of Music and Orchestrions. California’s Chutes Park (a 3-page feature). Clason Point Amusement Park in New York: +‘Satan’s’ Big Wheel +Ferris wheel accidents and fatalities. Haunting memories (photos: Asbury Park’s “Mad-O-Rama” in 1983, and Maple Leaf Village’s “Show Boat” walk-thru in 1982). Roller coaster openings 1912. Letters to the editor. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device factory roller coaster cars’ construction, etc.). [Front cover: Chicago White City’s Racing Derby in the 1920s. Back cover: New York Coney Island’s Racing Derby in the 1940s].

[Magazine Vol.34/No.2: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Six Flags Over Georgia 1967-2012… (a 7-page feature documenting the park’s history, events and rides). Harry Traver’s Butterfly: the 1913 Gyroplane / winged spinning ride. Step back in time to: 2002, 1992, 1982, 1972, 1962, 1952, 1942, 1932, 1922, 1912, 1902 and to 1892. New for 1927 roller coasters. New York’s Coney Island fire of 1947. Haunting memories (photos: Eldridge Park’s “Spook House” in 1982, and Idora Park’s “Laffin’ Lena’s Loonyland” in 1984). Canadian carousels of 1982. Letters to the editor. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device “baseball team jerseys” and John Miller “Custer Speedway / Rocky Glen” Pennsylvania parade. [Front cover: Six Flags Over Georgia’s Georgia Cyclone in 1990. Back cover: Aerial view of Six Flags Over Georgia’s flooding in September 1990].

[Magazine Vol.34/No.3: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Pennsylvania’s Cascade Park (a 7-page feature). NAPHA visits Bay Beach Amusement Park in Wisconsin +Zippin Pippin roller coaster. New York Coney Island 1877-1977 (featuring: The Jolly Go Round, Steeplechase Ride, Reno Inclined Elevator, Helter Skelter Slide, Tornado fatality, and Gyro Globe, etc.). Jim Abbate’s first roller coaster ride was Riverview Park’s Greyhound. Santa Monica 125 years ago +Switchback Gravity Railroad. Haunting memories (photos: Buckroe Beach’s “Blackbeard’s Castle” in 1982, and Miracle Strip’s “Hurricane House” in the 1970s). 80-years-old: Bakken’s “Rutchebanen” and Great Yarmouth’s “Roller Coaster”. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: roller coaster and pool − park unidentified. [Front cover: Cascade Park’s Comet. Back cover: Members at the entrance to the Zippin Pippin at Bay Beach Amusement Park].

[Magazine Vol.34/No.4: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Riverview Park (a 7-page feature detailing the park’s history, attractions and its 1967 razing). National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives exhibit at Dollywood. NAPHA visits New York and Connecticut: Santa’s Workshop, The Great Escape, Magic Forest, Quassy, New England Carousel Museum and Lake Compounce. Haunting memories (photos: Bertrand Island Park’s “Fun in the Dark” in the 1960s, and Canobie Lake Park’s “The House of Seven Gables” in the 1960s). Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ “The Rattler” a last look. Letters to the editor. NAPHA Archives: 1925 Geauga Lake Park refreshment stands, and a 1920s Electric Miniature Railway at Ohio’s Coney Island. [Front cover: Riverview Park’s Bobs coaster. Back cover: Riverview Park’s Pair-O-Chutes and Aladdin’s Castle tower at night].

[Magazine Vol.34/No.5: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Melbourne’s Luna Park is 100-years-old (a comprehensive 11-page feature detailing the park’s history, events, rides and attractions). Strange but true: airplanes crashing into amusement rides, etc. Kennywood’s Holiday Lights festivities. Haunting memories (photos: Ponchartrain Beach’s “The Haunted House” in 1980, and Bell’s Amusement Park’s “Phantasmagoria” in 1980). Hoffman’s Playland in New York celebrates 60th anniversary 1952-2012…; Letters to the editor. NAPHA Archives: two-seat roller coaster cars sitting on National Amusement Device’s factory floor waiting to be shipped, and the parts that make up a 1925 NAD miniature railway locomotive. [Front cover: Melbourne’s Luna Park face entrance. Back cover: The same face entrance illuminated at night].

[Magazine Vol.34/No.6: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Battersea Big Dipper (a 5-page feature +1972’s tragedy). NAPHA visits Zoombezi Bay, Carillon Park, EnterTrainment Junction, Kings Island and Stricker’s Grove. Chicago Riverview Park’s Aladdin’s Castle. Myrtle Beach Pavilion’s band organ 1900−. World’s Fair Chicago 1992 – what happened? Haunting memories (photos: Steeplechase Pier’s “The Haunted House” in 1983, and Old Orchard Beach’s “Ton of Fun” in the 1960s). Flashback to 1982: Cascade Park’s Circle Swing, The Canadian National Exhibition’s Flyer, Crystal Beach Park’s Giant Coaster, Idora Park’s Jack Rabbit, Geauga Lake Park’s Big Dipper, and Roseland Park’s Skyliner. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: John Miller’s 1930 cableway, a National Amusement Device steel roller coaster, and a 1918 PTC#45 carousel horse. [Front cover: Battersea Park’s Big Dipper in 1965. Back cover: Kennywood’s snow-covered Jack Rabbit in the 1980s].

[Magazine Vol.35/No.1: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Playland New York 1928-2013… (a 10-page feature). 1978’s Kennywood. 1913’s roller coasters (featuring: Euclid Beach Park in Ohio “Derby Racer,” Luna Park in West Virginia “Royal Giant Dips,” Colonial Park in Texas “Giant Dips,” Sandy Beach in Massachusetts “Cannon Ball,” Chilhowee Park in Tennessee “Figure Eight,” Redondo Beach in California “Lightning Racer,” Crescent Park in Rhode Island “Racing Coaster,” Idora Park in California “Race Thru The Clouds,” Easton Beach in Rhode Island “Scenic Railway”, and the “Scenic Coaster” at West End / Spanish Fort in Louisiana. Haunting memories of Arnolds Park’s Bug House. 1978’s roller coasters. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1927 sheltered rides scene in Peoria, Illinois (park unidentified), and a 1918 Cincinnati Zoo carousel horse. [Front cover: New York Playland’s Art Deco Music Tower in the 1930s. Back cover: Aerial view of New York Playland’s Dragon Coaster].

[Magazine Vol.35/No.2: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Sans Souci Park 1899-1930s (a 5-page feature). 1913 news: Midland Beach in New York =Circle Swing collapse, Coney Island Ohio =fire, Woodside Park in Pennsylvania =roller coaster rebuilt, Palisades Park in New Jersey =roller coaster collision, etc. La Ronde in 1978. 4 aerial photos: Denmark’s Bakken and Tivoli Gardens, Japan’s Hanayashiki Park, and Sweden’s Gröna Lund. New York Coney Island retrospect (a 2-page feature). 1953’s parks’ and movie news. Haunting memories (photos: Fairyland Park in Missouri “Fun House” and “Godzilla’s Den” facades in 1989). Anniversary roller coasters. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1951 Long Island Carousel, John Miller’s reversible boat, and Vol.35/No.1 unidentified park was “Fairground Park”. [Front cover: 1950s movie posters. Back cover: Sans Souci’s Loop-de-Loop roller coaster and fountain].

[Magazine Vol.35/No.3: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Kansas City’s Fairyland Park 1923-1977 (a 7-page feature). Feltman’s “Ziz” Scenic Railway. Roller coaster openings 1988. Revere Beach’s Musical Railway. Idora Park 1978. The Giggler – a 1913 walk-thru. Haunting memories (photos: Funtown USA’s “Haunted Castle” / “Laugh-in-the-Dark” in the 1950s, Marine Pier’s “Monster Den” in the 1960s, and Indian Point’s “House of Horror” in 1952). Remembering Atlantic City’s Trop World – the indoor amusement park 1988-1995. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: “Bubble Bounce” ride construction, and Lyric Theatre with “To Merry-Go-Round” sign (city unidentified). [Front cover: Fairyland’s new National Amusement Device Wildcat roller coaster in 1967. Back cover: Fairyland’s defunct Wildcat roller coaster in 1989].

[Magazine Vol.35/No.4: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Washington Park on the Delaware 1895-1913/14 (a 5-page feature). Riverview Chicago 1913 advertisements. Ocean Beach California 1923 +a new self-propelled Steeplechase-type ride. Camden Park is 110-years-old. Cedar Point’s Gatekeeper roller coaster. Bob-Lo Island’s Sky Streek roller coaster is 40-years-old – now operating as “Titan” at Selva Mágica in Mexico. Haunting memories (photos: Conneaut Lake Park’s “Fun House,” Kennywood’s “Bug House,” Edgewood Park’s “Temple of Mirth,” and Cedar Point’s “Tours of the World” facades). Cedar Point 1978 +photos. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1970s unidentified Carrousel +National Amusement Device figures. [Front cover: Cedar Point’s Gemini in 1978. Back cover: Camden Park’s Haunted House facade in 1981].

[Magazine Vol.35/No.5: 2013. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Dutch Wonderland celebrates 50 years of operation (a 5-page feature). A visit to the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair (Steeplechase Park’s GM, James J. Onorato’s diary entry). Carousels celebrating 100 years. Dorney Park’s “Thunderhawk” and Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Big Dipper” are 90-years-old (a 3-page feature). Carrousel identified (from Vol.35/No.4). 30 years ago: 1983 images showing 13 now-defunct wooden roller coasters. Haunting memories (photos: Riverview Park in Chicago “Hades,” Chutes Park’s in San Francisco “Hades” and “Devil’s Slide,” Happyland in Winnipeg “Hades”, and Venice Pier in California “Hades” in 1910). Dorney Park 35 years ago. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1925 view of Granada Amusement Park in Michigan, a 1925 Funhouse “Steeplechase” attraction, and a 1928 view of the “Pippin” roller coaster at Ocean View Park in Florida. [Front cover: A 1960s aerial view of Dorney Park. Back cover: Dutch Wonderland’s Sky Princess roller coaster in 1993].

[Magazine Vol.35/No.6: 2013. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Hungary’s Vidám Park closes (a 5-page feature). Adventureland’s Tornado is 35-years-old. Anniversaries: Lakeside =105, Quassy =105, Liseberg =90, and Drievliet =75. Knoebels’ Flying Turns gallery. Wartime at Coney Island’s Steeplechase Park 1942-1946. Haunting memories (photos: Mariner’s Landing walk-through “Funhouse” in 1996, New York Coney Island’s “Casa Macabra” in 1983, and Miracle Strip’s “Haunted House” in the 1970s). Crystal Beach Park 35 years ago. Members’ letters +Coney Island Ohio 1958 =“Land of Oz” flood. NAPHA Archives: a 1926 Tilt-A-Whirl with a John A. Miller connection, 1931 John A. Miller blueprint for the “Have A Laugh” / “Cave of the Winds” dark ride, a 1940s National Amusement Device single-seat kiddie coaster car, and a 1969 view from atop Euclid Beach Park’s Ferris wheel. [Front cover: Vidám Park’s Ferris wheel. Back cover: Festive greetings from NAPHA].

[Magazine Vol.36/No.1: 2014. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Was Steeplechase Park sold in 1904?. William F. Mangels’ Whip is 100-years-old. Roller coasters 100 years ago. Tivoli Gardens’ Rutschebanen is 100-years-old. 1944 = fire and flames (infernos at: Coney Island, Summit Beach, Elitch Gardens, Hunt’s Strand Theater, Central Park, Atlantic City Boardwalk, Ponchartrain Beach, Palisades Park, Whalom Park, and Lakewood Park). Carousels turning 100-years-old. National Concessions Co. 1906 “Whirling Star Ferris Wheel.” Haunting memories (photos: Palisades Park’s “Show Boat Fun House” in 1964, Waldameer Park’s “Fun In The Dark” in the 1950s, Petticoat Junction’s “Shady Rest Hotel” in 1981, Kings Island’s “Enchanted Voyage” in 1979, Dorney Park’s “Whacky Shack” in the 1960s, and Excelsior Lake’s “Fun House” in 1970). Roller coaster anniversaries. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1924–1925 views of Russell’s Point Ohio, National Amusement Device Century Flyer locomotive, and kiddie Ferris wheels. [Front cover: New York’s Steeplechase Park in 1904. Back cover: Aerial view of Kings Island’s Beast].

[Magazine Vol.36/No.2: 2014. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Arnolds Park (7 pages on the Iowa park celebrating 125 years of operation). Looking back to 1989. Roller coaster construction in 1989: Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200, Valleyfair!’s Excalibur, Upper Clements Park’s Tree Topper, and Worlds of Fun’s Timber Wolf. Idora Park fire 30 years ago (2 pages on the Ohio park inferno). Haunting memories (photos: Fun Forest’s in Seattle “Flight To Mars” dark ride in 1989, and Hunts Pier’s “Skua” walk-through fun house). Roller coasters lost: Clyffside Park’s 1909 Dip the Dips, West End Park’s 1922 Big Dipper, and Terrapin Park’s 1909 Dazy Dazier Dip Coaster. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1927 John Miller ‘dodgem edifice’ at Rocky Glen Park in Pennsylvania, a 1975 reproduction carousel horse made for Marriott Great America, and National Amusement Device / Aurel Vaszin’s office. [Front cover: Arnolds Park’s Big Coaster in 1979. Back cover: a 1930s aerial view of Arnolds Park]. [

[Magazine Vol.36/No.3: 2014. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Saltair (5 pages on the Utah park, including their “Reverser” roller coaster). Dispensa’s “Kiddie Kingdom” 1984 auction. 1964 New York World’s Fair U.S. Royal Tires Ferris wheel. Coasting Thro’ Switzerland − New York Dreamland’s 1904 roller coaster. Stand-up coasting 30 years ago. Sydney’s Luna Park = 1979 fire. The Beatles: the pop group’s amusement park visits, etc. Haunting memories (photos: Casino Pier’s “Persian Kamel Fun House” in 1993, and Playland Park Illinois “Dee Crazee House” in the 1970s). Good / bad times (photos: Bayside Park 1931 tornado damages roller coaster, Junction Park in Pennsylvania 1913 flood submerges Figure-Eight, and Ocean View Park Virginia 1958 fire damages Skyrocket). Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: an early side-friction roller coaster car, 1928 image of John Miller, unidentified Merry-Go-Round in 1976, a “drive” for a fun house Roulette Wheel, and a Handicap Racer Car. [Front cover: Saltair’s Giant Racer and Circle Swing in the 1920s. Back cover: Saltair’s Carousel and Giant Racer in 1934].

[Magazine Vol.36/No.4: 2014. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Lost parks of Jacksonville, Florida (5 pages: +Pablo Beach / Little Coney Island, Dixieland Amusement Park, The Florida Midwinter International Exposition, Ocean View Park, Reid’s Playland, and Riverview Park). John C. Allen: roller coaster designer. Flashback to 1984: roller coaster news from 30 years ago. Coney Island and Dreamland’s “The Submarine Boat” ride in 1904. Chicago Riverview Park’s “Flying Cars” ride. Haunting memories (photos: Keansburg’s “Maze Craze” in 1983, and Rocky Point Park’s “House of Horrors” in 1983). Roller coasters lost: +San Francisco’s Mid-Winter Exposition in 1894, the Bass Point Scenic Railway in 1911, and Roton Point’s Tango Dip in 1914. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: John A. Miller’s “The House That Jack Built” in an unknown location, an International Amusement Device roller coaster car, and a John A. Miller airplane circle swing and picnic pavilion. [Front cover: Dixieland Amusement Park in 1907. Back cover: Pippin coaster at Ocean View Park in Florida].

[Magazine Vol.36/No.5: 2014. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: NAPHA visits Knoebels, Dutch Wonderland and Hersheypark. News from 1994. Coney Island’s Steeplechase Park – the final chapter. John Miller’s T-Bar Rail: Miller’s 1922 patent +Riverside Park Indianapolis’ “Skyrocket” fatality. Shaw’s Elevator and Channel Chute is the 1889 roller coaster that surrounded Coney Island’s Elephant Hotel. Haunting memories (photos: Chippewa Lake Park’s “Zombie” fun house in the 1940s, Marshall Hall’s “Laff In The Dark” in the 1970s, Rockaways’ Playland’s “Laff In The Dark” in 1983, Playland-at-the-Beach’s “Laff In The Dark” in the 1950s, and Geauga Lake Park’s “Fun House” in the 1960s). Good / bad times: Cincinnati’s Coney Island 1937 flood, Seaside Heights’ 1955 fire, and Whalom Park 1924 tornado damages park. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: John Miller’s “picnic deck” at Meyers Lake Park, an unidentified roller coaster station in Pittsburgh(?), unidentified Carousel, and the roller coaster at Riverside Park in Winnipeg. [Front cover: Knoebels’ Flying Turns. Back cover: Members at Knoebels].

[Magazine Vol.36/No.6: 2014. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Springbrook / Playland (a 5-page feature about the Indiana park). 1960s Geauga Lake Park. Jolly Roger: 50 years of the Maryland park. Scenic Railways (photos: Liseberg’s Bergbanan, and the Scenic Railway at Berlin’s Luna Park). Four-In-One-Wheel: William W. De Vore’s 1905 patent. Geauga Lake Park’s Sky Rocket > Clipper > Big Dipper. The Comet at Fair Park, Dallas 1947–1989. Haunting memories (photos: Petticoat Junction’s “Magic Carpet”, Paragon Park’s “Jig Saw”, Elitch Gardens’ “Haunted House”, Springlake Park’s “Ride ‘N Laff”, and Crystal Beach Park’s “Fun House”). Roller coasters lost: Lake George Amusement Park in Indiana =Figure 8, Little Coney Island in New Jersey =Double Racer, and Ringing Rocks in Pennsylvania =roller coaster. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: “Whip” ride at Hazle Park in Pennsylvania, Miniature Train at Excelsior Park in Minnesota, John Miller’s ‘Swirling Rapids’ ride concept, and Lake Worth Texas roller coaster in 1927. [Front cover: 1960s Geauga Lake Park. Back cover: snow-covered Coney Island New York].

[Magazine Vol.37/No.1: 2015. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Minniecon II: members visit the Mall of America, St. Paul’s Como Park, Valleyfair! and the Minnesota State Fair. Flashback to 1905: news from Brandywine Springs in Delaware, Boyd Park in Indiana, Goguac Lake Park in Michigan, Ocean View Park in Virginia, Vinewood Park in Kansas, Turbania Park in Michigan, Indianola Park in Ohio, Brighton Beach in New York, Dreamland in Illinois, and Fairview Park in Ohio. Ice Slides at China’s Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Same roller coaster: Ohio’s Moxahala Park’s ‘Coaster’ > Americana’s ‘Screechin’ Eagle’. International Amusements: ‘Fahrt Zum Mars’ Hanover in 1960, Winnipeg Beach Manitoba ‘Jack Rabbit’ in the 1960s, Luna Park Antwerp ‘Scenic Railway’ in 1930, and Battersea Park London ‘Water Chute’ in 1960. Laff in the Dark (photos: Luna Park in New York, Electric Park in Missouri, and Ocean View Park in Virginia − all at night). Roller coasters forgotten: Forest Park in Kansas, Celoron Park in New York, Woodland Park in Kansas, and Oak Park in West Virginia. Editor’s page − Tower of “Babble”. Image potpourri: the lost parks of Ohio. [Front and back covers: Harbin Ice and Snow Festival].

[Magazine Vol.37/No.2: 2015. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Luna Park > Mousette Park (5 pages about the Canadian park). Coney Island’s Rough Riders: the roller coaster’s turbulent history. Flashback to 1915: Palace Gardens’ Trip Thru The Clouds, Waldameer Park’s Scenic Railway, Park Island’s Thriller, Panama-Pacific Exposition’s Safety Racer, and storm damage at Lagoon Park in Kentucky. Knoebels’ Carousel Mystery Solved. Lagoon/Kennywood tie-in − how Lagoon’s ‘Speedway’ kick-started Kennywood’s ‘Turnpike’. California’s Ocean Park Fire 1915: Ben Hur Racer razed. Same roller coaster: Kiddytown’s ‘Little Dipper’ > Little Amerricka’s ‘Meteor’. International Amusements: Luna Park Leipzig ‘Scenic Railway’ in 1915, an early ‘Circle Swing’ in Japan 1922?, a ‘Bicycle Carousel’ in Dresden 1907, and an International Exhibition ‘Le Double Toboggan’ in France 1909. Laff In The Dark (photos: Luna Park New York, Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Wildwood, and Waldameer Park − all at night). Roller coasters forgotten: Los Angeles Ostrich Farm in California, Cabin John Bridge in Maryland, Tuscora Park in Ohio, and Beach Park in Virginia. Editor’s page − Tower of “Babble”. Image potpourri: the lost parks of New York. [Front cover: Knoebels’ Phoenix in 1993. Back cover: Knoebels’ Grand Carousel in 2009].

[Magazine Vol.37/No.3: 2015. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Boardwalk Park was a short-lived Indiana amusement park. Iowa State Fairground’s early attractions. 1925 was a very good year – new parks/rides +Venice Pier’s Chinese Dragon Bamboo Slide, and New York Coney Island’s Thunderbolt and Teeter Coaster. Looking back to 1990: news from 25-years-ago. International Amusements (photos: a Shoot-the-Chutes in Japan in 1960?, Rodelbahn Scenic coaster in Germany during the early 1930s, a Scenic Railway at Luna Park/Exposition de Bruxelles in 1910, and a bicycle-type Merry-Go-Round in Dakar, West Africa). Laff in the Dark (night time photos: Palisades Park’s Frolic ride, the illuminated entrance to Lakeside Park’s Velvet Coaster in 1908, Maryland’s Playland Park +their Roller Coaster/Hurricane, and Buckroe Beach’s Ferris Wheel, Dips, and Cascades Mill Chute during the 1960s). Roller coasters forgotten: Sulphur Springs’ “Figure Eight” in Florida, Crystal Beach Park’s “Figure 8”, Rye Beach’s “Kentucky Thoroughbred”, and the “Giant Roller Coaster” at Newton Lake Park in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Editor’s page +“Stella” the Tango Girl ride of 1917. Image potpourri: the lost parks of Illinois. [Front cover: A view from the front seat of New York’s Coney Island Thunderbolt in 1925. Back cover: The turnaround of the La Montana Rusa in Chapultepec Park in 1990].

[Magazine Vol.37/No.4: 2015. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Atlantic City ­– Thompson’s Safety Racer and Scenic Railway +Rendezvous Park. Follow-up to Boardwalk Park (continuing from Vol.37/No.3, with Merryland Park in Indiana). Looking back to 1935 +Chester Park rides for sale, Rexford Park razed, Euclid Beach Park ads Surprise House, Kennywood ads Teddy Bear Coaster, etc. Bygone amusements (photos: Haunted House at Six Flags Over Mid-America, Barnstormer at Worlds of Fun, Roller Coaster at Joyland in Kansas, Zingo at Bell’s, Phantastic Coaster at Indian Nations in Oklahoma, Springlake Park’s Big Dipper, The Cave at Six Flags Over Texas, Fair Park Dallas’ Comet, The Rocket at Playland in Texas, Zephyr at Ponchartrain Beach, and Zippin Pippin at Libertyland). NAPHA visits Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay. International Amusements (photos: Figure-Eight at Luna Park in Rimini 1935, Hugo Haase Figur 8 Bahn in Dresden 1916, Water Chute in Dublin 1907, and Le Grand Huit in Lyon 1914). Laff in the Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (photos: Bay Shore’s Dixie Flier, Beechwood Park’s Figure Eight, Edgewood Park’s School of Mines, and Clyde White City’s Figure Eight). Editor’s page. Image Potpourri: the lost parks of California. [Front cover: Texas Cyclone at Six Flags AstroWorld in 1980. Back cover: The Haunted House at Ponchartrain Beach in 1980].

[Magazine Vol.37/No.5: 2015. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Devil-themed coasters (photos/facts: “Red Devil Rider” at New York Coney Island, “The Devil” at Savin Rock, “Dare-Devil” coasters at Granada Park and Palisades Park, “Red Devil” coasters at Summit Beach Park and Olentangy Park and at Ghost Town in the Sky, “Devil’s Backbone” at Gordon State Park, “Red Devil/Green Dragon” racer at Neptune Beach, “Flying Daredevil” at Circus World, “El Diablo” at Six Flags Great Adventure, and “Dare Devil Dive” at Six Flags Over Georgia). Amusement / Halloween images. Union Park in Dubuque, Iowa – 1891 to 1934. Looking back to 1945 +Celoron Park Greyhound remodelled, Lincoln Park Cyclone built, Oaks Park adds Whirlwind coaster, Coney Island Cincinnati floods again, etc. New York Coney Island – 1880 reports of a flying human-like apparition. International Amusements (photos: Scenic Railway at the Casino de La Rabassada 1912, Figure 8 Bahn in Dresden 1920, Tickler, Cake-Walk and coasters at the Exposition de Bruxelles 1910, and der Grottenbach at Hugo Haase Park in Hamburg). Laff in the Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (photos from: Hyde Park Oklahoma, Lakeside Park Missouri, Rothschild Park Wisconsin, and White City Arkansas). Editor’s page. Image Potpourri: the lost parks of Pennsylvania. [Front cover: Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland. Back cover: GhostRider at Knott’s Berry Farm].

[Magazine Vol.37/No.6: 2015. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Frank Woolston Darling 1872–1952 (a 5-page feature about the amusement park pioneer). NAPHA visits Iowa +Boji Bay Funhouse, Arnolds Park and the Iowa State Fair. Looking back to 1955 +Patty Conklin sells Sunnyside Park’s carousel to Disneyland, Disneyland opens, Paragon Park’s Hilarity Funhouse and Derby Racer fire, Kennywood extends their Dipper roller coaster, Allan Herschell company debut their Twister ride, New York Coney Island’s Spook-A-Rama dark ride opens, Mission Beach / Belmont Park roller coaster fire and employee fatality, etc.). Backety-Back roller coasters – now and then (1904= Backety-Back Pleasure Railway > 2015= ZDT’s Switchback). International Amusements (photos: Switchback Railway at Scheveningen Holland 1910, Scenic Railway at the Paris Exposition 1931, Water Chute at the Exposition Internationale de Tourcoing 1906, and a side-friction coaster at Montjuic Barcelona in 1970). Laff in the Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (photos from: Lake Michigan Park, Crystal Beach in Ohio, White City in Idaho, and Lakemont Park in Petersburg, Virginia). Editor’s page − Tower of “Babble”. Image Potpourri: the lost parks of Texas. [Front cover: An aerial view of Switchback at ZDT’s Amusement Park. Back cover: Night time view of the Riverview Carousel at Six Flags Over Georgia].

[Magazine Vol.38/No.1: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Silver Lake Park 1874–1917 (5 pages about the Ohio park). The Deluge – Herbert A. Bradwell/Electric Scenic Productions’ stage show at Coney Island New York (2 pages). Paragon Park’s treasures – other than coasters and carousels (2 pages featuring: Dragon Gondola, Klondike, Fun Factory, Johnstown Flood attraction, Old Mill, Witching Waves, Trip to the North Pole, Circle Swing, Virginia Reel, Frolic, Hey Dey, Whip, Lindy Loop, Caterpillar and the Flying Scooters). Looking back to 1906 (news). Haunting memories (photos: “Laff-In-The-Dark” at the 1939/40 New York World’s Fair, “Spook Town” at Chicago’s Riverview Park, a dark ride at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and “Crazy House” at Joyland Park in Kentucky). Farcical Frivolity (+“Famous Roller Coasters” postcard series from Allen & Ginters, Leave It To Beaver cast ‘ride’ the Cyclone Racer, etc.). International Amusements (photos: Hugo Haase coaster at Bad Durkheim in 1953, Ferris wheel in 1960s Moscow, a crude Ferris wheel in 1929 Palestine, and the Cyclone coaster at the Brussels Exposition of 1935). Laff in the Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (photos from: Riverside Park in Iowa, Cotton Palace Exposition in Texas, Pine Lake in New York, and the South Dakota State Fair). Editor’s page − Tower of “Babble”. Bizarre Amusements (ride oddities). [Front cover: The Pike’s Peak Railway at Coney Island New York. Back cover: Coaster at Electric Park/Kinderhook Park in New York].

[Magazine Vol.38/No.2: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Forest Park – 1903-1912 (7 pages about the Missouri park). Ride Like the Wind (photos of ‘wind-in-your-face’ rides). Good / bad times (photos: Rockaways’ Playland in 1984 =open / 1986 =derelict, Coney Island’s Luna Park before 1944 fire / after 1944 fire, and Celebration City’s Ozark Wildcat after construction / during 2015 razing). Looking back to 1916 (news). Haunting memories (photos: “Myth City” at Dominion Park in Montreal, “One Thousand And One Troubles” at Riverview Park in Iowa, “Pretzel” dark ride at Benit’s Amusement Park in Iowa, and “Third Degree” walk-through at Revere Beach in Massachusetts). Giggles and Grins – Coney Island oddities including the Coney Island “Land Sharks”. International Amusements (photos: Belle Vue Manchester’s “Ghost Train”, “Hell O! The Naughty Devil’s Delight” dark ride at the 1913 Liverpool Exhibition, “Kettenkarussell” in Neugersdorf, and the “Switchback Railway” in Paris 1910). Laff in the Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (featuring Idle Hour Park in Kansas, Bushkill Park in Pennsylvania, Meridell Park in Idaho, and Bloomsbury Park in North Carolina). Editor’s page − Tower of “Babble” +the Fakoba “Mini Achterbahn” looping coaster recently seen travelling through Switzerland. Bizarre Amusements +the Missouri Mule and the Roc-O-Wheel. [Front cover: Forest Park in Missouri. Back cover: Entrance to the Derby Racer roller coaster at Glen Echo Park in Maryland].

[Magazine Vol.38/No.3: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: L.L. Custer “Zoomer” (1 page: the 1926 “Zoomer” at Euclid Beach Park). Harry Traver’s “Trick Coaster” (2 pages: the 1925 Jazz Railway at Rocky Glen Park). Bygone amusements (coaster photos from 1981: Skyliner at Fair Park, Comet at Funway Park, Starliner at Miracle Strip, Tornado at Petticoat Junction, Bat at Kings Island, Roaring Tiger at Circus World, Shooting Star at Lakeside Park, These United States at Sun Fun, Dips at Buckroe Beach, and Big Beast at Edgewater Park). Odds and Ends (4 pages: the rides of Osteria Ai Pioppi in Italy, Wunderland Kalkar in Germany, Salina Turda in Romania, the ‘House Tour’ roller coaster in the Netherlands, and other proposed parks and rides). Looking back to 1926 (a snapshot of coasters opening that year). Haunting memories (photos: “Foolish House” at Ontario Beach Park, “Bug House” at Riverview Park in Chicago, “Fatal Wedding” at Wonderland Park in Massachusetts, and the “Noah’s Ark” and “Rainbow Wheel” at Blackpool Pleasure Beach). Skyscrapers… New and Old (The proposed Skyplex Orlando and the Skyscraper coaster at the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair). International Amusements (photos: “Le Toboggan” at the 1902 France Exposition, “Airplane Tower” in Japan, “Zeppelins” ride in 1960s Germany, and the “Rutschbahn” / “Dip the Dips” in Vergnugungs Park in Germany 1913). Laff in the Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (a 1908 “Figure 8” near Niagara Falls, Asbury Park’s “Trip To The Clouds”, Nolan’s Point’s “Cyclone”, and the “Big Dipper” in New Orleans). Editor’s page. Image potpourri: the lost parks of Massachusetts. [Front cover: The Bobs at Coney Island. Back cover: The Bobs during its 1926 debut].

[Magazine Vol.38/No.4: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Rainbow Pleasure Wheel (3 pages: Arthur Stott’s 1911 patent for an ‘Endless Pleasure Railway’ and the installations at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Spanish City at Whitley Bay). Looking back to 1936 (a snapshot of news, rides and coasters opening that year). Through the Years at Salisbury Beach (+the Giant Thriller, Skyrocket, Wildcat and Comet coasters). What is it? (2-page picture puzzle). Good / bad times (photos: Michigan’s AutoWorld in 1984 =open / 1997 =demolished, Roller Coaster at Joyland in Kansas in 1980 / Roller Coaster demolition in 2015, and Pomona County Fairgrounds in 1955 / Ferris Wheel rescue during 1956 incident). 1926 Coney Island property sold (details how the Giant Racer’s plot made way for the Cyclone). Haunting memories (photos: “Dead of Night” at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1982, “Laff-in-the-Dark” at Rocky Springs Park, “Monster’s Den” at Lakemont Park, and the dark ride at Martha Pera Woodward’s Park in 1982). Amusement parks’ anniversaries. International Amusements (photos: “Scenic Railway” at Luna Park Berlin in 1910, wooden coaster at Luna Park Rotterdam in the 1920s, “Montagnes Russes” operating on a Paris street in 1925, and “Kunstilche Gebirgsbahn” at Amerikanischer Vergnugungspark Germany in 1908). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (the “Bomber” at Rainbow Gardens, Stock’s Scenic Amusement Park’s “Scenic Toboggan”, Keuka Lake Park’s “Figure 8”, and the “Brandywine Express” / “Main Line Express” at Main Line Park). Editor’s page. Image potpourri: the lost parks of New Jersey. [Front cover: The Wildcat at Elitch Gardens in 1990. Back cover: An elevated view of the Dips coaster at the West Virginia State Fair].

[Magazine Vol.38/No.5: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: The Steeplechase (13 pages: a comprehensive feature detailing Steeplechase rides and Steeplechase ride variants from 1816 Paris, to John William Cawdrey’s Grand National Gravity Switchback Railway, George Cornelius Tilyou’s Steeplechase at Coney Island, J.W. Daniels’ Electric Race Horse Carousel, and other Steeplechase rides around the world… up to 1975 when the Arrow Development Company sold Steeplechase-like rides to Knott’s Berry Farm and Blackpool Pleasure Beach). George C. Tilyou’s Pavilion of Fun – Its Demise Fifty Years Ago (a 2-page insight). Editor’s page − Tower of “Babble” +in keeping with the theme of this issue, Jim Abbate shares his knowledge of the 20th Century Engineering Company’s rider-powered “Champ” ride. Image potpourri: how, in 1905 and 1906, various Chute-the-Chutes rides were used to demonstrate the controllability of the modern automobile. [Front cover: The Steeplechase ride at Coney Island’s Steeplechase Park in 1960. Back cover: The same Steeplechase ride at Pirates World, Florida in 1967]. [visit NAPHA]

[Magazine Vol.38/No.6: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Sauter’s Park (3 pages: three amusement parks – Mannion’s Park, Sauter’s Park and Downs Amusement Park – occupied the same property in St. Louis between 1896 and the 1950s). Looking back to 1946 (news: parks and coasters opening and closing that year). The Aerobat (1 page: Bernard B. Pewitt’s Vertical And Horizontal Axis Roundabout). People of the Parks – Nick Paradise (3 pages: Kennywood’s Director of Public Relations discusses his life, interests and his experiences at Kennywood). Good / bad times (photos: San Francisco’s Chutes Park in 1909 / 1911 Chutes Park fire aftermath, Kennywood’s Ghost Ship dark ride in 1967 / 1975 Ghost Ship engulfed in flames, and Willow Grove Airships ride / the same ride in flames). Miss Rockaway – The Summer Girl of the Rockaways (1 page: the colossal “Miss Rockaway” figurehead constructed at L.A. Thompson Park in 1923). Haunting Memories (photos: “Bluebeard’s Palace” at Revere Beach in Massachusetts, “Katzenjammer Castle” at Wildwood in Minnesota, “Crazy Crystals” mirror maze at Palisades Park in New Jersey, and the “House of Nemo” walk-through at Electric Park in Detroit). George Francis Myers’ 1902 Cannon Coaster (1 page: including the 1903 “Leap The Gap” coaster). International Amusements (photos: Ferris wheel in Nizhny-Novgorod in 1902, Caterpillar, Ferris wheel and roller coaster at Luna Park Hong Kong in 1950, Mystery Room at Gorky Park in the 1930s, and a wooden Ferris wheel at Schaukeln Park Bosnia in 1910). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Washington Park’s “Figure Eight”, Lake Manawa’s “Figure 8”, East End Park’s “Figure Eight” in Tennessee, and the “Figure Eight” at Lakeside Park in New York. Editor’s page. Image potpourri: the lost parks of Michigan. [Front cover: Circle Swing at Geauga Lake Park in 1946. Back cover: Million Dollar Coaster at Rocky Glen Park].

[Magazine Vol.39/No.1: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Central Park in San Francisco (3 pages about the amusement park which also saw the location of George Cornelius Tilyou’s second Steeplechase ride). Looking back to 1907 (news: a sample of parks and coasters opening that year). Coney Island – Steeplechase Park Fire (2 pages reporting on the inferno of Sunday, 28 July, 1907). Hurdle Autos at Chutes Park in Chicago (1 page: the Hurdle Autos automobile ride of 1907). Good / bad times (photos: Florida beach amusement area / 1964 Florida beach Ferris wheel damaged by Hurricane Dora, Edgewater Park’s roller coaster / 1955 coaster and rides in flames, and Ferris wheel at Dinosaur Planet Park in Bangkok / 2016 cabin atop Ferris wheel in flames following a thunderstorm). Over the Great Divide (the 1907 Scenic Railway at Dreamland in Coney Island, including details of the 1907 derailment). Haunting Memories (photos: “The House That Jack Built” at Crystal Beach in Ontario, “House of Mystery” at Excelsior Park in Minnesota, “Laff in the Dark” at Cincinnati’s Coney Island, and “Casper’s Ghostland” at Palisades Park in New Jersey). White City at Chestnut Hill (1 page: details of the 1907 electrical storm that set fire to the Pennsylvania amusement park’s roller coaster). International Amusements (photos: children’s roundabout in France in 1910, Switchback at Ocean Beach in Durban, South Africa in 1906, a wooden balancing wheel / Ferris wheel in North Africa in 1908, and the Geister Schloss at Wiener Prater Park in 1955). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Virginia Beach’s “Flying Skyscraper,” Dolles Park’s “Whirlwind,” Venice Pier’s “Scenic Railway,” and the “Sky Rocket” at Waverly Beach in Wisconsin. Editor’s page (Jim Abbate details the lineage of the IAAPA organization). Image potpourri: the old parks and rides of Missouri. [Front cover: 1907 Shoot-the-Chutes at Vanity Fair. Back cover: 1907 World’s Greatest Scenic Railway at Rock Springs Park].

[Magazine Vol.39/No.2: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Mountain Ride – Detroit (1 page: the Ingersoll-Gaukler Co. castle-themed roller coaster of 1914). Lake Woods Park (2 pages about the short-lived amusement park located in Gary, Indiana). Looking back to 1917 (news: a sample of parks, coasters and other attractions opening that year). People of the Parks – Adrianne White Rhodes (2 pages: Lake Winnepesaukah’s owner talks about her park, its history, her family and the future). Farcical Frivolity (1 page: amusement park humour and oddities). Good / bad times (photos: Sky Rocket roller coaster at Ocean View Park / Rocket coaster partially razed following filming of the 1978 movie “The Death Of Ocean View Park”, Four Mile Creek’s roller coaster / coaster damaged by 1915 flood, Fontaine Ferry Park’s Velvet Racer triple-racing coaster / Velvet Racer damaged during 1937 flood). Edgewater Park – Through the Years (1 page detailing the park’s single wooden coaster and its many name changes). Haunting Memories (photos: “Hilarity Hall” at Summit Beach Park in Ohio, “Laughing Gallery” at Wheeling Park in West Virginia, “Pretzel Ride” at Toledo Beach in Ohio, and “Fun House” at White City in Massachusetts). Revere Beach – Gulliver’s Travels (1 page about the 1921 walk-through attraction). International Amusements (photos: recreation ground in Port Said, Egypt in 1915, Autobaan ride in the Netherlands during the 1950s, Crazy House at Butlin’s Amusement Park in Felixstowe, and roller coaster and Helter Skelter at Fun City in Edinburgh during the 1930s). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Orcutt Lake Park’s roller coaster, Maple Leaf Park’s “Figure Eight,” Idlewild Park’s (formerly Roseville Park) “Figure Eight,” and the “Wildcat” at Hershey Park. Editor’s page (Jim Abbate reflects on his amusement park enthusiasm of 40 years ago). Brian Butko’s book “Kennywood Behind The Screams” (advertisement). [Front cover: The Big Beast at Edgewater Park in 1981. Back cover: Aerial view of the Cannon Ball roller coaster at Lake Winnepesaukah].

[Magazine Vol.39/No.3: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Krug Park ­– Omaha, Nebraska (a 5-page feature about the amusement park’s rides and attractions, including the 1930 Big Dipper roller coaster derailment). Looking back to 1927 (2 pages: ­roller coasters opening that year). Amusement Park Anniversaries: Tuscora Park in Ohio =110, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California =110, Clementon Lake Park in New Jersey =110, Hersheypark in Pennsylvania =110, Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire =115, Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania =125, and Bay Beach in Wisconsin =125 years-old. Good / bad times (photos: 1909 Whirlwind roller coaster at Coney Island / Whirlwind meets its demise during the 1911 Dreamland fire, Rock Springs’ Old Mill / Old Mill destroyed during 1915 fire, Frederick Road Park’s Dips roller coaster / Dips damaged during 1923 fire). Haunting Memories (photos: “Fun Factory” at Cincinnati’s Coney Island in Ohio, “Buster Brown’s Castle” at Melville Park in New Jersey, “Laff In The Dark” at Ponchartrain Beach in New Orleans, and “Bug House” at Crystal Beach Park in Ontario). Giggles and Grins – amusement park humour and oddities. International Amusements (photos: Prater Park’s “Sport Automobile Caroussel”, Bi-plane “Circle Swing” at an unidentified park in Japan during the 1920s, “Figure Eight” roller coaster and pier at Skegness, and a “Figure Eight” coaster at Luna Park in Bucharest during the 1910s). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Shellpot Park’s “Wildcat,” Pleasure Island Amusement Zone’s (Port Arthur, Texas) 1913 roller coaster, Starlight Park’s “Giant Coaster”, and the “Figure Eight” at Tuscora Park. Editor’s page (Coney Island’s Cyclone turns 90 this year, with this in mind, Jim Abbate details the five longest operating roller coasters at New York’s Coney Island). NAPHA visited England in 1992 (1 page: photos and observations from 25 years ago). [Front cover: The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley. Back cover: An on-ride look of the Rocket roller coaster at Ocean View Park].

[Magazine Vol.39/No.4: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Riverview… a half-century ago (a 5-page feature charting the good-times and end-times of Riverview Park that closed 50 years ago). The Whirl-Fly (2 pages: William D. Cronin’s ‘Novel Cycloidal Pleasure Railway’ and similar attractions and patents). Jus’ Down the Street (1 page: Three featured coasters pictured at the ‘end of the street’). Good / bad times (photos: Chutes ride at Riverview Park in Des Moines / Chutes ride being demolished in 1978, Blackbeard’s Castle at Buckroe Beach / Bluebeard’s Castle deserted and overgrown with weeds in 1985, Redondo Beach’s Lightning Racer / Lightning Racer severely damaged following March 1915 storm). Looking back to 1937 (news: rides and coasters opening that year). Haunting Memories (photos: “Joyland” funhouse at Riverview Beach Park in New Jersey, “Haunted House” at West View Park in Pennsylvania, “The Wreck of the Hesperus” dark ride at Pleasure Island in Massachusetts, and the “Polarama” Pretzel dark ride at Clementon Park in New Jersey). John A. Miller’s Racing Monorail Coaster – Monterrey, Mexico (1 page). International Amusements (photos: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Virginia Reel”, an illuminated “Scenic Railway” at Barry Island in Wales, a rooftop Ferris Wheel and Miniature Train in Japan in the 1960s, and “Montagne Russe” operating in Torino, Italy in 1908). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Luna Park’s “Royal Giant Dips Coaster” in West Virginia, L.A.Thompson “Russian Railway / “Scenic Railway” / “Breezer” at Ontario Beach Park in New York, Willow Grove Park’s “Coal Mine & Additional Scenic Railway”, and John A. Miller’s “Triple Racing Coaster” at the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition. Editor’s page (Jim Abbate reminisces about Wisconsin Dells‘ Familyland). A Step Back in Time to 1982 (1 page: photos and observations from 35 years ago). [Front cover: Illuminated façade of Aladdin’s Castle at Chicago’s Riverview Park. Back cover: Aladdin’s Castle lit at night, with the Pair-O-Chutes tower in silhouette].

[Magazine Vol.39/No.5: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Terminal Park – Coney Island (3 pages about the New York amusement park, including The Automobile Aerial Racer). Saucer Hysteria (2 pages: How amusement parks exploited the UFO-mania of the 1940s and ‘50s). Looking back to 1947 (news: rides, coasters and parks opening and closing that year). American Mountains Scenic Railway (a 2-page pictorial focusing on a Scenic Railway located in St. Petersburg, Russia, from the mid-1930s until its demolition in 1941). Good / bad times (photos: Old Orchard Beach amusement area / Old Orchard Beach following a 1969 fire, Valleyfair!’s Renegade coaster / Renegade flooded in 2014, the façade of the “Laughing Gallery” at Oaks Park in Oregon / the “Laughing Gallery” condemned in the 1980s). Haunting Memories (photos: a two-storey “Glass House” at the Canadian National Exposition in 1982, the “Ghoul’s Eye” dark ride at Willow Grove Park in Pennsylvania, the “Pretzel” dark ride at Hanson’s amusement park in Pennsylvania, and a walk-through “Fun House” at Lake George, New York during the 1960s). Space World (1 page: the 1977 ‘simulated moon colony, research facility and amusement park’ proposed for Washtenaw County, Michigan). International Amusements (photos: 1914 Bristol International Exhibition’s “Figure Eight Coaster Railway”, an indoor ‘amusement park and Scenic Railway’ Dortmund, Germany in 1929, a 1920s German Festival with Carrousel and Ferris wheel, and the original “Grand National” racing roller coaster at the Wembley Exhibition in 1924). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Silver Beach’s “Figure 8”, Canobie Lake Park’s racing coaster and “Mammoth” coaster, Revere Beach’s “Oriental Ride”, and Hazle Park’s “Greyhound”. Editor’s page (Jim Abbate is surprised at Six Flags Fiesta Texas billing their Wonder Woman Golden Lasso as “the world’s first single-rail coaster”. Jim shares details of several bygone single-rail-type coasters). Brian Butko’s book “Luna: Pittsburgh’s Original Lost Kennywood” (advertisement). [Front cover: Two views of the 1947-built Boomerang flat ride at Bertrand Island Park. Back cover: 1947 construction of the Rocket roller coaster at Playland Park in Texas, and the 1947 Gyro Globe at New York’s Coney Island].

[Magazine Vol.39/No.6: 2017. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Kings Island – Kings of Timber (5 pages: an in-depth look at Kings Island’s wooden roller coaster history). Bay Beach’s 125th Birthday Bash (2 pages: NAPHA visits the Green Bay, Wisconsin amusement park to celebrate). The Tippler Coaster (1 page: Albert G. Sharkey’s 1910 tilting ‘Car For Roller Coasters’ patent +the 1912 Tippler Coaster incident at Coney Island, New York). Good / bad times (photos: “Entrance” to West End Heights amusement park in 1895 / West End Heights’ Scenic Railway destroyed by 1913 fire, “The Mill” at Palisades Amusement Park / “The Mill” and additional buildings burning during a 1935 fire, “The Bucket O’ Blood” dark ride at Dorney Park / “The Bucket O’ Blood” engulfed in flames in 1983). Looking back to 1957 (news: rides and coasters opening that year). Haunting Memories (photos: the “Moulin de La Sorciere” dark ride at La Ronde in 1985, the “Haunted Inn” dark ride at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion in 1981, the “Haunted Mansion” walk-through at Thumb Fun amusement park in Wisconsin in 1987, and the “Cockeyed Circus” walk-through at Ponchartrain Beach in the early 1940s). Park Carousels (1 page: the Carousels of Le Sourdsville Lake, Americana Amusement Park, Cascade Park and Geauga Lake Park). International Amusements (photos: day and night views of the “Himalayabahn” roller coaster operating in Leipzig, Germany in 1939, the illuminated “Flight Tower” at Japan’s Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park in 1929, the “Teufelskutsche” roller coaster in 1930s Germany, and the illuminated “Alpenbahn” roller coaster in Hamburg, Germany during the 1930s). Fun-in-the-Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten: Bergen Beach’s “L.A.Thompson Scenic Railway”, Central Park’s “Thriller” / “Giant Coaster”, Put-in-Bay’s “Figure Eight”, and Venice, California’s “Some Kick”. Editor’s page (Jim Abbate shares his photos and recollections of Quebec’s Les Galeries de la Capitale shopping mall / amusement park from his 1995 visit). Ghosts of Summers Past (1 page: Jim Abbate reminisces about the rides and coasters he was fortunate to experience before they were demolished). [Front cover: Views of Kings Island’s Beast roller coaster soon after debuting in 1979. Back cover: An imposing image of the Zippin Pippin roller coaster at Bay Beach Amusement Park].

[Magazine Vol.40/No.1: 2018. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour] Features: Exposition des Arts Decoratifs (History of the 1925 Exposition in Paris, France, 7 pages, 30 images) / A Look Back to 1918 (Carsonia Park: Reading, PA; Kiddie Park: San Antonio, TX; Rexford Park: Schnectady, NY; Cincinnati Zoo, Great America, CA, Woodland Park Zoo: Seattle, WA; Glen Echo Park, Washington, DC/Glen Echo, MD; Mount Clemens, MI; ummit Beach PArk, Akron, OH; Forst Park: Forest Park, IL; Kennywood Park West Mifflin, PA; Capitol Beach Park: Lincoln, NE /. Good Times/Bad Times (Paragon Park: Nantasket Beach, Hull, MA; Riverview Park: Des Moines, IA; Old Orchard Beach, ME) / Haunting Memories of Dark Summer's Past (Centerville Island: Toronto, Canada; Hersheypark: Hershey, PA; Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada; Canadian National Exhibition: Toronto, Canada) / Cape Vegas Strataflite (1 page, 3 images) / Window to the Past Amusement Park World (Eden: Czech Republic; Lyons, France; Casale, Moneferrato, Italy; Hugo Haase: Naumnurg, Germany) / Fun in the Dark (Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY; Forest Park Highlands; St. Louis, MO; Six Flags over Texas; Arlington, TX) / Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Niagara County, NY; Pleasure Park: Singac, NJ; Lincoln Beach: New Orleans, LA; Jackson Baths: Stockton, CA; Happyland: South Beach, Staten Island, NY; Electric Park: Ft. Smith, AK) / A Recollection of Racing in Mexico City (Jim Abbate's experience with the La Montana Rusa roller coaster at Chapultepec Park: Mexico City,Mexico, 6 pages, 15 images) / 1893 Ice Railway (Attraction at the 1893 Columbian Exposition: Chicago, IL, 2 pages, 7 images) / Dragon's Gorge, Coney Island, NY (history of this Lunar Park/L. A. Thompson Scenic Railway, 2 pages, 8 images) / Brisbane World Expo (History of this 1988 expo in Brisbane, Australia (1 page, 4 images) / Through the Years: Bay Beach Park: Green Bay, WI (1 page, 3 images) / ACE 2018 Landmarks (Wild One, Six Flags America: Bowie, MD; Kiddy Coaster, Playland: Rye, NY) / Expositions, Fairs, Exhibitions & Festivals (Auckland Exhibition of 2013: Australia; Tennessee Centennial Exposition 1897: Nashville, TN; 1904 St. Louis World's Fair: St. Louis, MO; 1935/1936 California Pacific International Exposition: San Diego, CA) / Jonah and the Whale (History of the Jonah and the Whale attraction at Sea Beach, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY, 2 pages, 6 images) / Tower of Babble (History of NAOHA during its 40th Anniversary, 2 pages, 10 pages)

[Magazine Vol.40/No.2: 2018. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour] Features: IAAPA Expo 2017 (10 pages, 20 images) / Streaking Through the Ravine II (NAPHA's 2017 summer trip to Idora Park Experience: Canfield, OH; Conneaut Lake Park: Conneaut Lake, PA; Waldameer Park: Erie PA (6 pages, 25 images) / Roller Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Includes Forest Park: Chicago IL; Ocean View Park: Jacksonville Beach; Norfolk, VA; Black Hawk Watch Tower Park: Rock Island, IL; Venice Beach, CA; Las Angels, CA) / Tuscora Park: New Philadelphia, OH (includes the history of the park (4 pages, 7 images) / A Look Back to 1968 (Includes Kennywood Park: West Mifflin, PA; Conneaut Lake Park: Conneaut Lake, PA; Marine World, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Redwood City, CA; Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD; Washington DC; AstroWorld: Houston, TX) / Finding Azoosment in the Rain (NAPHA's 2017 Fall trip to Santa's Village AZoosment Park: Dundee, IL, 6 pages, 20 images) / Window to the Past Amusement Park World (Includes Joyland Park: Yarmouth UK; Frontierland: Morecambe, UK; Southport Pleasureland: Southport, UK; Chessington's Worlds of Adventure: Chessington, London, England, UK; Frontierland Family Theme Park: Morecambe, Lancashire, England, UK; Lightwater Valley: Ripon, UK) / New Book Feature, Idlewild: History and Memories of Pennsylvania's Oldest Amusement Park.

[Magazine Vol.40/No.3: 2018. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour] Features: Minnesota Kiddieland Gets a Second Chance (Outlines the history of this park in Detroit Lakes, Fargo, ND) / Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Robinson Park: Fort Wayne, IN; Washington Park: Michigan City, MI; Alamo Park: Cedar Rapids, IA; Riverside Park: Sioux City, IA; Riverside Park: Des Moines, IA; Carnival Park: Kansas City, MO) / From Carousels to Kiddielands: Allan Herschell's Legacy (10 pages, 36 images) / A Look Back To 1993 (Includes events at Whalom Park: Lunenburg, PA; Peony Park: Omaha NE; Stricker's Grove: Ross, OH; Bob-lo Island: Bois Blanc Island, Ontario; Adventureland: Altoona, IA; Idlewild Park: Ligonier, PA) / NAPHA's BIG 4-OHHHH: Keystone State Adventure (NAPHA's 2017 summer trip to Idlewild & SoakZone: Ligonier, PA; DelGrosso's: Tipton, PA;) / Window to the Past Amusement Park World (Includes Holiday Park: Germany; Walygator Parc: Maizières-lès-Metz, France; Euro Disney, Coupvray, France; European Carousel; Luna Park: Paris, France; Nokka Kiven Puisto: Lievestuore, Laukaa, Finland / Staying on the Drawing Board: Las Vegas/ Riding the Rails at Kennywood (6 pages, 12 photos)

[Magazine Vol.40/No.4: 2018. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour] Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (West View Park: Pittsburgh, PA; Euclid Beach Park: Cleveland, OH; Waldameer Park: Erie, PA; White City: New Haven, CT; The Pike: Long Beach, CA; Flushing Meadows Park: 1939 New York World's Fair, New York, NY) / People of the Parks: Deno's Wonder Wheel Park (5 pages, 14 images) / Closed for the Season: Close for Good (America's Fun Park: Branson, MO; Heritage Amusement Park: Golden, CO; Sandy Lake: Dallas, Fort Worth, TX; City Park: Iowa City, IA; Bowcraft: Scotch Plains, NJ; Valley Worlds of Fun: Fairmount, VA; Jungle Jim's Playland: Midvale, UT) / A Look Back to 1943 (Glen Echo Park, Washington DC/ Glen Echo, MD; Luna Park, Coney Island, NY; Lake Compounce: Bristol, CT; Beverly Park: Las Angelas, CA; Ocean Pier: Wildwood, NJ; Playland Park: San Antonio, CA) /. 40 Years of Great Moments in NAPHA (a history of NAPHA, 6 pages, 21 images) / Vintage full page advertisement of Rocky Springs Park, Chester, WV / Window to the Past International Amusement Park World (Bob-Lo Island: Bois Blanc Island, Ontario, Canada; Grande Roud de Paris: Paris, France; Crystal Beach Park: Ontario, Canada; Central Pier: Blackpook, England, UK; LunEur Park: Rome, Italy; O.K. Corral: Cuges les Pins, France)

[Magazine Vol.41/No.1: 2019. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour] Features: Staying on the Drawing Board: The Theme Park That Didn't Happen: Wild Escape: Ohio County, OH) / A History of Trimper's Rides: Ocean City, MD (8 pages, 29 images) / Evolution of the Miniature Train Co. (6 pages, 22 images) / Coasters Lost & long Forgotten (Includes Luna Park: Mansfield, OH; Pontchartrain Beach: New Orleans, LA; Springlake Park: Oklahoma City, OK; Coney Island, NY; Revere Beach, MA; Wonderland Park, Wichita, KS) / A Great Industry Needs a Great Trade Association: The International Association of Amusement Parks and attractions Celebrates its 100th Anniversary (6 pages, 15 images) / A Look Back to 1919 (Includes Peony Park: Omaha, NE; Asbury Park, NJ; Clementon Park; Clementon, NJ; Quassy Park: Middlebury CT; Happyland Amusement Park: South Beach, Staten Island, NY; Waldameer Park: Erie, PA) / Kings Amusement Park: Norfolk, NE (4 pages, 6 images).

[Magazine Vol.41/No.2: 2019. 22x28cm – 36 Pages – Full colour] Features: People of the Parks: Dick Knoebel (6 pages, 22 pages / The Electric Playground (Includes: Electric Park: Kansas City, MN; Carnival Park: Kansas City, KS; Electric Park: Baltimore, MD; Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, Washington DC, MD; Belle Isle: Detroit MI; White City: Syracuse, NY; Forest Park: Forest Park, IL) / Funland: Rehoboth Beach, DE (6 pages, 11 images) / Roller Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Rock Springs Park: Chester WV; Hyde Park: Muskogee OK; Joyland: Wichata, KS; Steeplechase Island: Bridgeport, CT; Forest Park: Cook County, IL; Chester Park: Cincinnati, OH) / Midway State Park: Maple Springs, Bemus Point, NY (6 pages, 14 images) / A Look Back to 1944 (Includes Heinz Ocean Pier: Atlantic City, NJ; Eyerly Aircraft Company; Al Fresco Amusement Park: Peoria Heights, IL; Luna Park: Redcliffe Point, Queensland, Australia; Luna Park: Coney Island, NY) / NAPHA Heritage Fund Reaches a Milestone $50,000 (5 pages, 35 images) / Council Crest Park: Tualatin Mountains, Portland, OR (3 pages, 6 images)

[Magazine Vol.41/No.3: 2019. 22x28cm – 36 Pages – Full colour] Chapter Points: A Milestone Celebration (A recap of NAPHA's summer trip, June 7-9, 2021 to the Jersey shore, including all three of the Morey's Piers [Surfside Pier, Mariner's Pier, Adventure Pier], Playland's Castaway Cove, and Gillian's Wonderland Pier) / A Look back to 1963 (events that year involving Six Flags over Georgia, Revere Beach, Disneyland, Euclid Beach Park, Fontaine Ferry Park, and Cedar Point) / Themed Kiddie Parks That You Can Still Visit (Children's Fairyland: Oakland, CA; Great Escape: Lake George, NY; Land of Make Believe: Hope, NJ; Pixie Wood's Children's Park: Stockton, CA; Storyland: Glen, NH; Storybook Land: Egg Harbor, NJ; Storyland: Fresno, CA; Enchanted Forest: Ellicot City, MD; Storyland: New Orleans, LA; Storybook Forest-Idlewild & SoakZone: Ligonier, PA; Enchanted Forest Water Safari: Old Forge, NY; Fairy Tale Forest: Oak Ridge, NJ; Storybook Gardens: London, Ontario; Storybook Island Rapid City, SD; Fairytale Town: Sacramento, CA; Magic Forest: Lake George, NY; Dutch Wonderland: Lancaster, PA; Land of Oz: Beech Mountain, NC; Enchanted Forest: Turner, OK; Story Book Forest: Owen Sound, Ontario; Storybook Land: Aberdeen, SD; / Storyland, A Fairy Tale Brought To Life (A full history of Story Land: Glen, NH) / Freedomland USA (A full park history).

[Magazine Vol.41/No.4: 2019. 22x28cm – 36 Pages – Full colour] Features: Keeping the Magic Alive: Surviving Christmas Parks in North America (includes: Holiday World & Splashin' Safari: Santa Claus, IN; Santa's Workshop: Wilmington, NY; Village Du Père Noël: Quebec, Canada; Santa's Village: Jefferson, NH; Santa's Village: Muskoka, Ontario; Skypark at Santa's Village: Skyforest, CA; Santa's Workshop: Canada's CO; Santa's Land USA; Putney, VT; Santa's Village: Dundee, IL; Santa's Land Fun Park & Zoo: Cherokee, NC) / Thrills of the Season (Includes Christmas and Holiday celebrations and events at Rockaways' Playland: Flushing, NY; Disneyland: Anaheim, CA; Knott's Berry Farm: Buena Park, CA; Pacific Ocean Park: Santa Monica, CA; Edaville Railroad: Warren, Carver, MA; Kings Island: Cincinnati, OH; Hersheypark, Hershey, PA; Dollywood: Pigeon Forge, RN; Disney's Hollywood Studios: Lake Buena Vista, FL; Universal's Islands of Adventure: Orlando, FL; Kennywood: Pittsburgh, PA; Lakemont Park: Altoona, PA; Europa-Park: Rust, Germany; Liseberg: Gothenburg, Sweden; Tivoli Gardens: Copenhagen, Denmark) / Playland: Looking Back at an Ocean City Landmark (6 pages; 16 images); A Look Back to 1994 (Includes: Valleyfair: Shakopee, MN; Elitch Gardens: Denver, CO; Seabreeze Park: Rochester, NY; Indiana Beach: Monticello, IN; King's Castleland: Whitman, MA; Disneyland: Anaheim, CA) / The Amusement Parks of the Last Frontier (Alaska state's amusement parks, including: Roadrunner Amusement Park: Anchorag; Anchorage Kiddieland: Anchorage; H2Oasis: Anchorage; Extreme Fun Center: Wasilla; Southeast Alaska State Fairgrounds; Mukluk Land: Tok; Pioneer Park, Alaskaland: Fairbanks) / Window to the Past International Amusement Park World (Includes Scottish National Exhibition: Glasgow, Scotland: Clacton-On-Sea: England, UK; Hanlan's Point: Toronto, CA; Tivoli Gardens: Copenhagen, Denmark; Sunnyside Beach Park: Toronto, CA; Rockwood Park: St. John, New Brunswick, Canada)

[Magazine Vol.42/No.1: 2020. 22x28cm – 36 Pages – Full colour] Features: The Electric Playground (Includes Lake Winnepesaukah: Chattanooga, TN; Myrtle Beach Pavilion: Myrtle Beach, SC; Six Flags Over Texas: Arlington, TX; Riverside Park: Agawam, MA; Kennywood Park: West Mifflin, PA; Roseland Parl: Canandaigua, NY; Whalom Park: Lunenburg, MA) / Rocky Glen Park (Park history, 10 pages, 26 images) / A Look Back to 1920 (Includes Seabreeze Park: Rochester, NY; Kennywood Park: West Mifflin, PA; Lakeside Park: Salem, Virginia; Dorney Park: Allentown, PA; Venice Pier, CA; Ross Park Zoo: Bingham, NY) / Closed for the Season: Closed for Good (Includes Southern Adventures: Huntsville, AL; Clementon Park: Clementon, NJ; Fantasy Island: Grand Island, NY; Upper Clements: Nova Scotia, Canada; Elise's Family Fun Center: Winnie, TX; Scandia: Ontario, CA) / Another Change in Direction for Cincy's Coney (Park history, 8 pages, 30).

[Magazine Vol.42/No.2: 2020. 22x28cm – 36 Pages – Full colour] Features: Coasters Lost & Long Forgotten (Hillside PArk: Belleville, NJ; Frontier Village: San Jose, CA; Coney Island; Cincinnati, OH; Hersheypark, Hershey, PA; Brighton Beach, Luna Park: Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY; Hanlan's Point: Toronto, CA) / A Brief Sojourn On South Florida's High Seas (History of Pirate's World: Dania Beach, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 6 pages, 14 images) / A Look Back to 1945 (AllanHerschell, Company, Inc.: North Onawanda, NY; Beverly Park, Las Angelas, CA; Palisades Park: Cliffside PArk, NY; Steel Pier: Atlantic City, NJ; Fairview Park: Salem, Twp, PA; Wonder Wheel Park: Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY) / People of the Parks: Keith Hood (Details Keith's career working at various amusement parks, 6 pages, 18 images) / Haunting Memories of Dark Summer's Past (Palisades Park: Palisades, NJ; Fort George, NY; Miracle Strip: Panema City, FL; Trier's Park: For Wayne, IN; LaRonde: Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Pleasure Park: Rye Beach, NY ) / Mountain Park: Holyoke, MA (History of Mountain Park, 13 pages, 40 images) / Window to the Past International Amusement Park World (Dominion Park: Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Pleasure Beach: Great Yarmouth, UK; Irisn International Exhibition: Dublin, Ireland; La Feria Chapultepec, Mexico)