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NAPHA Chronicle Magazine

For four decades, countless hours of research and documentation have been provided to the amusement park industry in our magazine and newsletter. A wealth of information could have gone unaccounted for if not for the work and dedication of our historians. Become a member to obtain a subscription!

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Facts & Figures

Whether you're researching amusement parks and rides or just want to learn something new, you've come to the right place!  We maintain the definitive lists of parks, rides and milestones as a free service to the industry and general public. 

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We're proud of the vast and varied collection of priceless artifacts we've collected over the last four decades, that include everything from rare photographs, to reference books, to ride blueprints!

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Lost USA Amusement Parks

NAPHA historians have spent countless hours researching and documenting the histories of operating amusement parks and those that have long closed. Visit our listings to learn more about places you've been to as well as those you might not have even know to have one time existed.

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Photo Gallery

It can safely be said that photographing amusement parks and rides is only second in enjoyment to actually visiting these parks.  Our members have built a wide collection of photographs from our trips over the years.

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Amusement Park Links

Yet another service we provide as an organization to the general public is a list of links to amusement park websites all over the world.

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