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Last Post 06/20/2006 7:35 AM by  Inbox
The Rules - Read First!
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06/20/2006 7:35 AM
    Revised 03/21/07

    The rules are pretty simple on this forum:

    1. You must register before posting items. Use the register link at the upper right of the web page to sign up. (If you are a NAPHA member and you want to view and post to the "NAPHA Members Only" Forum, you must tell us you're a NAPHA member by leaving your name and Membership # (If Available)(Use "Discussions/Ask A Question" webpage)

    2. You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, vulgar, slanderous, libelous or hateful material or any other items which violate any applicable laws. Such posts will be deleted without notice.

    3. No advertising of any kind. (If you are a NAPHA member and want to advertise, you may post on the Forums>Members Only>Amusement Park Related Merchandise Ads webpage)

    4. No flaming or harrassing of others. Posts will be deleted.

    5. Please be careful with cross-posting. We will delete cross-posted/duplicate posts as needed.

    6. We try to respond to requests within a few days or sooner, so please be patient.

    7. We love feedback - so please feel free to leave us some!

    8. By posting here, you agree that NAPHA may use your post as a testimonial to further enhance membership. You also agree that we retain the exclusive right to use such posts as we deem necessary.

    9. Email addresses - to prevent spam, do not use your full email address in a post - abbreviate it - such as "fred at".

    10. You acknowledge that all posts express the opinions of the author and are not the opinions of NAPHA; its Directors, Executive Committee Members; the forum administrator; or the website administrator (except for posts by these people) and you agree that you will not hold those parties liable for any unauthored statements or posts.

    11. You agree that the forums' administrator may edit, move, close, or delete any posting or topic which he/she feels is considered off-topic or sees fit to change.

    12. You agree, as a user that any information entered is stored in a database, and while this information won't be disclosed to a third party without your consent, the website administrator cannot be held liable in the event that this information is compromised by a hacker, virus attack, or other insidious method.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding and help!
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